Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Updated Blog.

Just wanted to say Hi and that I've updated my blog.

There's a pic of two recently finnished UFO projects.

Also a dragon that I'd done some time ago.

Happy Knitting Everyone.

IHS Progress

Remember my entry a few days ago about knitting the IHS with Patons SWS yarn? (SWS = Soy Wool Stripes)

Here is the progress I have made on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I am loving the yarn, so far. It's so pretty. The colorway is "Natural Earth."

The IHS is one of my favorite scarves to knit. This is my second round on the pattern.

I have finished my first skein of SWS on the scarf. I measured it. One skein of SWS yarn, 110 yards, makes 18" worth of the IHS scarf. I have 4 skeins of the should be plenty long enough, approximately 72 inches. I just wanted to share that in case anyone else decides to use Patons SWS for the IHS scarf.

Another thing, I did not connect the new skein of yarn in the exact color pattern. The striping follows a sequence, I noticed. If you are a picky person that like things in will have to find the sequence order and connect from there. Me? I don't care. I am all about wacky things in my knitting. You can see where I connected the wrong color at the top. You see the reddish segment? It should be followed by a segment of green, as below it. Instead...the continuation is blue. Meh, I don't care. I just thought I would warn anyone...who uses the SWS. The skeins are a bit random in what colors they begin. It's never the same color. That's all.

Knitters satchel...

Ya'll may have seen this type of bag at Knit Picks. The "Go Knit" bag. I really wanted one but I was not thrilled with the color choices. So I made my own. The finished dimensions are around
13 inches high and about 11 across. Nice and roomy but not so big it looks dorktastic hanging from your handbag or hip. The great patch on the front was from a tote bag I ordered awhile back from Cafe Press. Can you imagine the kick ass patches you could put on these babies??

So I chopped up the tote and sewed the patch on. The lining is a silky chocolate with kanji style writing and the outside it a silky upholstery type fabric. We'll see how well it wears being drug around. I think it will be fine though...Dont forget to add your grommet to the top for your drawstring knit pouch before sewing it all up and I used a black shoe lace for the tie...I laced both ends through a black wooden bead and then separated them and knotted two more beads at the tips. It cinches shut nice and tight. Then add a grommeted hang tab to the back and add a snap hook and you are really to roll. Just clip it to your handbag or jeans tab and your golden. ;0)

Punk Rock Gift Exchange

Calling any punk knitter/crocheter who want to join the PRGE, sign ups are now open....It will be similar to last time, but there has been a lot of feedback on how to make it better, so there will be some new twists. Check it out at

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New sister in the family...

... too! You find me in Sweden. I was looking at all your links yesterday (and found exactly what I was looking for) and OF course I have to be one of you!

This is what I´m knitting right now. One to go... Yarn: Socks That Rocks "Romancing the Stone"

Peace Fleece Sweater is Done!

I finished my Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan! I really love it. It is a little big and slouchy, so it is more for lounging around then wearing out of the house, but I love it all the same! It is the first sweater that I have not stalled out on in the middle and the first one where the pattern was good enough that I followed the instructions and it worked, matching in the matching places, just so easy! There are more details here!

Have a great week!

oops - the link works now! and just for reference the yarn is peace fleece worsted in olive roots - bought it here.

Hey ladies

Hi. I'm new. Started knitting in November and I'm addicted. So far I've made gifts and one capelet for me. Here are my latest:
A needle case for my mother in law:

Pattern: Kables
Knit with: Cascade 220 in Lichen and Natural

A scarf for my friend Jenny:

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf
Yarn: Some pea green crap she picked out. :P

Socks in Seven Days

Swap Hedera2Yay! I made a pair of Hedera socks for my swap partner, and it only took 7 days! After frogging the entire sock due to a too-tight CO, I realized I only had about 8 days until Project Spectrum started. The socks are purple, but the colors for Feb/March are blue, white, and grey. So, I wanted to finish the sock before the first of Feb. I did it! Check out the blog for more details.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Next Up On The Knit List

I think I am sweatered out, at the moment. I just finished a large sweater project and need a break.

Next up on my knit list is the Irish Hiking Scarf in the pictured yarn that I purchased today. The yarn is Patons SWS. It's gorgeous yarn and it has a really nice feel to it. It's 70% wool and 30% soy. The color I chose was # 70013, Natural Earth. I was going to order it online, but I found it $2.00 cheaper at my local Michael's. Woo Hoo! I think 4 skeins will be enough to make the scarf.

Happy Weekend and Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Sweater Grows Near Boston

Progress on my Wicked Sweater by Zephyr for the SKC KAL:

JANUARY 14, 2007

JANUARY 23, 2007

The color is more true in the first picture (hubby forgot the flash on the 2nd one). But the sleeves are off and now I'm working on the main body. (If you missed the previous sweater post, I'm doing it in Paton's Classic Merino in "Denim")

Soft Boucle' Sweater

I have finished the Soft Boucle' Sweater. I have only been working on it for a month, or so. I was being very slow. The sweater also fits me comfortabley. It's loose, long and soft. I would say it fits more like a tunic would. I like it and will wear it often, I am sure.

FINALLY, a comfortable sweater that I will actually wear. I am so picky these days. The only's boucle' and fluffy. I am a plus-sized woman and "fluffy" is not a good thing. Do I care? Nahhhh...I like wearing it.

Specs on the sweater: Well, I did not use a set pattern for this sweater. I loosely based the back and front pieces on the Skully Sweater from the original Stitch N' Bitch book. After that, I sort of did my own thing. I knitted the sleeves on circular needles. I also shortened the sleeves by a lot. I have short arms, what can I say? It's a simple design, really. Drop shoulder, no decreases on sleeves and none on the body, either. Garter stitch trimmings too. Basic as one can get.

I used # 10 needles, both straight and circular. The yarn is Bernat Soft Boucle' in the # 22935 Mauve Shades color. I used exactly 4 skeins with not much to spare. That's about it. Easy peasey and comfortable.

Punk Rock Gift Exchange - Round 2

So, a lot of us - punk-knitters, did the PRGE with Rachel and Che throught the fall. I would like to start by sending a HUGE thank you and job well done to our Hostesses with the Mostest-es!

I have agreed to take over hosting for the PRGE for the next round. I have started a new blog for this round (haven't gotten much further then starting it), but the big details are there! And I promise by February 1st all the information, rules and stuff will be at (that is me hedging incase my link doesn't work). There will be a few changes and at least one contest this time. If you have feedback or suggestions, please leave them there! Here's hoping for a good punk group and a successful exchange.

Have a great weekend!

Hello Again - The Judy - The Marley - The Barry

The Almightly Blogger finially let me switch. Well anyway alot has been happening and I have had little time for anything else even blogging. On the up side The Judy Scarf was finished in time for the fashion show that we wanted to show her in. The original plan was to have a long scarf done for the spring when the Clown Birgaide would be ready to perform. The Fashion show was just too temping an offer. So we finished her in two months rather than the six we were planning on.

Her unique design allowed six people to knit on here at once. If it was an other design we would not have finished her in time. This is us at the fashion show I am the one with the beard in the front.

If you are keeping track I am Brigadier Blue Beard behind me is Bobo and the last in the row is Sergeant Major Jimbo.

I want to thank all eightly of the people that helped knit on The Judy. They were the only reason we finished her in time.

The Judy is named for Judy Garland because of her song "Somewhere over the Rainbow". She was named by Carla K a local designer and someone that put in a lot of time knitting on her. It has become the tradition to name scarves over 100 feet long after someone that sings. Our practice scarf was named The Barry after Barry Mantilow, because it is the most boring of the scarves we have or are planing to make. Next years long scarf will be named The Marley after Bob Marley. The Marley was named by Ddancer aother member of the Wednesday knitting group. She has also been very genrous with the long scarf projects.

The Marley will be made from icord that we will make on a gizmo and then knit into the scarf. It will take around 200 skeins of yarn to make The Marley. Each foot of The Marley will take at least three hours to make. On the up side The Marley will be indestructable. We are still picking a yarn to make The Marley from. I will post the winning swatch when we pick.

Depending on your point of view on Punk Rock this may be the exact opposite of what Punk Rock should be. Still, clowns are to the performing world what Punks are to the Musical world.

The items that were complicating my life for the last six months have finally abated except for one. I should be able to get back to all of the fun stuff in the next couple weeks.

Be safe out theere and keep your stick on the ice.

The cosy is the cosiest

Results of the Kiama Show are in and the tea cosy did take the other out for the washing. To see more about it all check out my Blog. I will now work on items for the Robertson show in March. Also it is time to get the alpaca work back on track.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Psychedelic Tarot Card Sack

Not exactly the most inconspicuous thing, huh? LOL! :D Anyway, I knit a little sack for my tarot cards today out of some yarn I had in my stash (red heart acrylic.) I didn't follow any pattern or anything. I just grabbed my yarn, measured my tarot card box and started knitting. The top border is seed stitch with a few little eyelets evenly spaced in the middle of it (it's also done in bulky yarn cause it matched the crazy yarn better.) I knit some i-cord until it was long enough and threaded it through the holes and attached a knitted star on the ends.

Hope you like it! :D

Can You Order Kool-Aid Online?

I want to dye some yarn with Kool-Aid, and my local grocery store doesn't have a blue color, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that I can order it online?


Just thought I'd share.....

It's been soooo long since I've posted anything... and although this isn't exactly a knitted ANYTHING... (and i do apologize for that) but... it's good
it's very good

<Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and you can get it here

oh and happy new year!

btw... did anyone watch the BLINKING state of the union address
now i'm by NO MEANS political in any way shape or form
but look at a clip (on utube or wherever) of the address
THEN look at Nancy Pelosi
please lemme know if am i the ONLY ONE who noticed that (and i'm not tellin ya what) cause i can accept if i'm the only one who laughed...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just stopped by for a quick hello. Crazy, Crazy weather we're having here in the South, Southwest (US). But I'm so glad I'm able to break out my handknits and not sweat. Me wearing the newly finished Hermione Hat pictured above. Have a happy wooly week.
Also, (cause I keep forgetting to tell anyone) I moved my blog to this address:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Spreading the gospel of knitting

I went back to my hometown to see my best friend this weekend and she has seen some of my knitting. She loves the lace up gloves I made her that I found on Spiral's blog and the hats I made for her kids. So she started asking me how to knit. I was very excited that she asked and I showed her how. Here's a pic of her first attempt to do a slipknot.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She got upset with me because she's not wearing makeup in this picture. Also, I converted a crocheter. She looks very excited in this picture.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's a picture of the latest hat that I did for the excited friend (which she says that she finds knitting soothing). I don't usually like Yarn Bee brand yarn, but this one is cool looking. The yarn is called Mosaic and the color is called blue lagoon. You can't see the shiny, metallic threading spun into it, but it's there and if anyone gets a chance to look at it, they should. Photobucket's being a pain, therefore the picture's not doing the hat any justice.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the lace is done....

I finally finished my lace shawl properly! Two weeks ago, I finished the knitting and wore it aroung for a while. Finally, last wednesday, I threaded the nylon cord through all the points and thursday, I blocked it. It does make such a difference!! The shawl grew at least three inches across and somewhere between 4 and 6" in length (sounds naughty.....) and the yarn plumped up and got really soft. It keeps snowing here in Denver, so I should have plenty of opportunity to wear it before the winter is over!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Patterns & Sunday Coffee

I spent a bit of time surfing around for free patterns..while consuming my sunday morning coffee...Here are some that I found.

Easy Tube Socks, Beacon Hill Shrug, New York Hat, Blondie Skirt, Bell Sleeve Pullover, Lizard Socks, Fuzzy Feet Slippers, Marsan Watchcap, Cleo Clutch, Monk Hat, Nadia Scarf, Knitted Peace Sign, Super Stars, Allete, Trapezoid Felted Bag, Star Pillow, Baby Apple Hat, Cycling Aran, Laura Jane Bears, Rose Pin


I actually finished these on Tuesday evening, but haven't had a chance to post them here yet -- a pair of Knucks for my beloved husband. He left town on Wednesday, so I didn't have a chance to tattoo the knuckles before he took them away. (It's just as well, he's tattooed enough as it is.)

Yesterday he said that his mom was impressed with them. He also said that he wished the cuff were longer. This, after I very carefully knit the cuff lengths to his specifications. Oy. Theoretically I could undo the cast-off and knit down, but I don't think I love him enough to do that. ;-)
Details and a few more pictures are on my blog.

Results are in

I just thought you may like to see the results of the Dapto show entries in the knitting classes before they get swamped with this weeks Kiama show. You can see the entries and how they went on my blog. I now will use my holidays to knit the remaining items to go to kiama with the tea cosy.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My very pathetic first try

It all started when Sassy gave me a knit dish cloth for Christmas. I really like it. So recently I decided I needed some new ones so that I could have more dish cloths to wash with while the first one is being washed. I made a plain raspberry one but then decided I'd try a skull.

I've never done intarsia before and (stupidly) I didn't bother looking up directions. I figured I'd just tie on my other-colored yarn and go. I had the vague impression that I was supposed to be carrying the yarn across the back of the cloth, but being a dish cloth, I didn't want to have extra bits of yarn to snag. So...I didn't do that part and sadly my cloth 1) has holes in it and 2) I messed up the counting or something becasue he looks like his jaw is displaced or something. sad.

I am not defeated! I will try again! And maybe this time I'll read some directions...


Here's a snood--a hat that dates back to the Renaissance.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

black and red

here's a baby blanket for some friends of mine. Its done in miter squares out of Lionbrand Homespun with a crochet border.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am NOT a Child

Alright, so, I'm making my first sweater using a basic guideline from here. She has a list of standard sizes, and judging by my measurements I fit into about a size 10 or 12 child's size. Excluding sleeve length and body length of course. Is that crazy? I think so.

I know some of you have made top-down raglans before, I've seen Lana's, and I just wanted to know if these directions sound accurate. Or have I been knitting something that just...isn't going to fit? lol

Here's what it looks like so far (modelled by my PoTC notebook):
Total PS

The Gut Feeling Sweater

We haven't found out yet what the sex of the baby is (that's not for like... oh... 3 or 4 more weeks I guess) but I went with my gut feeling on this one and made this for the upcoming (coming soon to a knitter near you in July!) Stephieface Offspring....

Pattern: from here, the Quickie Baby Sweater
Yarn: Bernat's Softee Chunky
(it has purple buttons now after this pic was taken)

More details on the home blog, like what I thought of the pattern and what changes were made (there weren't that many). Now I'm trying to find a baby sweater pattern that is just as fast that I can knit in black with a possible pink skull.... gotta raise em up right, you know? ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We call them pirates hat

My first knit off my long list of projects for 2007, done! It was quick and fun! I joined the KAL - so it will be fun to see who else is doing it and what they do! (anyone, anyone...) I am going to try the mittens, next....but starting to think about how cute they would be as knee socks! (I would have to find some thinner, less itchy yarn!)

Have a great week!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Funky Hat

I adapted this from a child's pattern and stuck dangly bits on it. Fortunately it fits my oversized, hair crazed woman-sized head :-)

Basically its a big rectangle with ribbing at the bottom and then a couple of darts knitted into the back to make it fold. It kind of falls backwards on itself when you put it on, so you look a bit like a dog with its head out of a car window :-)

my first socks!

I am so excited to have finished my first pair of socks! There are so many of you who are sock crazy - and I didn't get it till I tried it! These are the spring hiking socks from halcyon in wick yarn (a soy/polypropeline yarn that is supposed to wick water away from your skin!) from knit one, crochet two. Now I am hooked on socks, and they are a great project for traveling!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

busy hands make show go

Thigs are busy with another item in the works for this weekends Dapto show and must have the baby jacket completed by wednesday morning to drop off with my other items and photos for Fridays judging. I have been busy knitting and sewing today to get things to a ready state. After these I commence work on the Kiama Show items as each show needs different items with some classes being different and that the same judge may judge at more than one show in the region.

Dapto has not only the best beanie and best scarf which are already done prior but the plain coathanger cover. Worked in Patons bluebell crepe 5ply in double moss stitch.

Knitty's Fetching mitts made in Holiday tweed 8ply yarn for the best knitted item class where those that dont fit into another class get put.

2 pairs of bootees one with cuff (long leg) one with short leg. These are in superfine baby yarn 3ply from a very old paragon bootee book that was my grandmothers but I must say the best book to work from.

Now just to complete the baby jacket in time bot fronts done and half way up the back so going well.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

lots of new patterns..

but 2 for ear flap hats (basically the same just different size needles and weight of yarn) and a pattern for simple legwarmers...
yeah.. boring i know..

BUT i am knitting a new hat (im obsessed yo!) its a Cheshire Cat hat.. im so stoked. thanks shad kitty for inspiring me!!

later gators!

More pillows

I have pillows that came with my house when I bought it. I am working to cover them and make them match my stuff with my style. So here's what I've done so far...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rinosaur that started out as Norberta

I just finished the Norberta pattern from knitty. Instead of a dragon I made it a dinosaur instead. It is for my nephew since my niece got a teddy bear from me.
It doesn't look just like Norberta that's why his name is Rinosaur (that's how my nephew says dinosaur)
Here's a pic for ya'll!
What do you think?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hooray for Yarn!

Suzanne2Okay, I'm so in love with this yarn that I had to share. It's just so beautiful to me. Unfortunately, the colorway is discontinued. I can't make up my mind on what to do with it. Should I knit Monkey from Knitty? Or this pattern? Or maybe I should just sleep with it under my pillow....

Monday, January 08, 2007

Slytherin Bookscarf

I started and finished this little "book-scarf" this morning. I was having knitting (and finishing) withdrawls, and this was a very, very quick project. I think it took me roughly three hours, plus another half-hour of so doing the fringe (which was annoying.) It's a little thick because I had to improvise with the yarn, but it works. :D

Hope you like it! :D

Overdue Pictures

LuckyKnuckyI've been bugging my mom and brother to get a picture of these for ages!! Et, Voila! One of four pairs of Knucks that I made as Christmas presents. Actually, my brother got these for his birthday. lol They say ALL♠ ACES, and he says they are his lucky gloves. :) Clicky on the pic to see a bigger/better view.

Buttercup Turtleneck Shrug

I finally have a finished project to share. It's my first of 2007! I have finished the Buttercup Turtleneck Shrug. The pattern is by Teva Durham and from the book, Scarf Style. It's suprisingly comfortable to wear over a t-shirt. The shrug is very stretchy and one size will fit most, I would say. I am not a thin woman...

Specs on the shrug: I used 4 skeins of LB Wool Ease in the color, Buttercup. I had to shorten the sleeve length by two inches, from what the pattern called for. Otherwise, I followed the pattern to the letter. I used Denise Interchangeable needles (for the first time) and had no issue at all with using them. I found the circular needle easier to work with, rather than dpn's.

I would recommend this pattern to anyone who has not made a sweater yet, due to lack of attention span on finishing a full sweater. It's quicker and really easy to follow the pattern instructions. I love this shrug!
Just wanted to pop in and say HI!

I have updated my blog,

Hope everyones year is going well.

One thing I learnt last year is not to sweat the small stuff.

I am completeing alot of ufo's and going to donate them to charities.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yet another...

....bead-knitted necklace. Hate to bore ya'll, but it's all I have to show at the moment. This is the one that I sent my friend in Indiana for her B-Day with the baby gifts. I am also working on the skull illusion scarf which I'm totally loving, but feel that I'm a week away from finishing. Take care :o)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I found these Skull Knitting Needles and figured I should post them here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

my first lace scarf of the year....

I finished my possum scarf this morning!! Thank you to everyone who helped me try to figure out the yardage - I am still not sure what the yardage is, just that it was alot! This scarf is 6+ inches wide, knit on a size 5, 68 inches long and I ended up with about 40 yards left over! I am going to block it tonight and try for some better photos tomorrow! There is more information and a couple better pictures of the lace pattern on my blog! And a big thanks to Lana for posting this pattern (zigzag lace pattern) in one of the free pattern postings that she does!!

Alpaca Along

I just wanted to let all the PRK peeps know I'm hosting an Alpaca along. It's pretty open ended, even if you only have plans to knit something with alpaca, feel free to join. Or at least stop by on occasions. :) I need some buttons too, my silly hubby deleted Photoshop AND paint! Do you believe that?

I edited this to fix the link! Sorry! (P.S. Check out Webs for great deals on Alpaca yarns!)

Warm Hands

Berroco's free end of the week pattern(s) are all about warm hands. Let's see...
Ken, men's gloves.
Lacis, women's gauntlets.
Melinda, women's mittens.
Pele, men's convertible mittens/fingerless gloves.

Also, the new January Magknits is out too. There are only 5 patterns listed for this month. Hmmm...? Alright, happy knitting, everyone!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Free Winged Heart Chart

I got bored today and made up this chart for a winged heart, because I thought it would be cute to put on a hat. I think I'm going to make a beanie and Intarsia the design into it. I just thought I'd be nice and post it here in case anyone likes it.

Here's the direct link, just in case:


Sweater Curse

Ok has anyone heard of the sweater curse?
Its a interesting read.
Also i am proud to annouce that my aunty had her fourth child today. This means i have over 30 cousins.