Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello Again - The Judy - The Marley - The Barry

The Almightly Blogger finially let me switch. Well anyway alot has been happening and I have had little time for anything else even blogging. On the up side The Judy Scarf was finished in time for the fashion show that we wanted to show her in. The original plan was to have a long scarf done for the spring when the Clown Birgaide would be ready to perform. The Fashion show was just too temping an offer. So we finished her in two months rather than the six we were planning on.

Her unique design allowed six people to knit on here at once. If it was an other design we would not have finished her in time. This is us at the fashion show I am the one with the beard in the front.

If you are keeping track I am Brigadier Blue Beard behind me is Bobo and the last in the row is Sergeant Major Jimbo.

I want to thank all eightly of the people that helped knit on The Judy. They were the only reason we finished her in time.

The Judy is named for Judy Garland because of her song "Somewhere over the Rainbow". She was named by Carla K a local designer and someone that put in a lot of time knitting on her. It has become the tradition to name scarves over 100 feet long after someone that sings. Our practice scarf was named The Barry after Barry Mantilow, because it is the most boring of the scarves we have or are planing to make. Next years long scarf will be named The Marley after Bob Marley. The Marley was named by Ddancer aother member of the Wednesday knitting group. She has also been very genrous with the long scarf projects.

The Marley will be made from icord that we will make on a gizmo and then knit into the scarf. It will take around 200 skeins of yarn to make The Marley. Each foot of The Marley will take at least three hours to make. On the up side The Marley will be indestructable. We are still picking a yarn to make The Marley from. I will post the winning swatch when we pick.

Depending on your point of view on Punk Rock this may be the exact opposite of what Punk Rock should be. Still, clowns are to the performing world what Punks are to the Musical world.

The items that were complicating my life for the last six months have finally abated except for one. I should be able to get back to all of the fun stuff in the next couple weeks.

Be safe out theere and keep your stick on the ice.


Lana said...

That is a very cool scarf. I love the bright colors. Also, I have to make a nice-lookin' clown there. I am still not a huge fan of clowns. An old childhood thing, I guess. LOL!

nana said...

I love clowns! Even the ones that some would call scary. The Judy looks fantasticly festive. I'm digging the blue beard. I had blue eye brows, 10 years ago, fun times. You 3 looks great.

sunneshine said...

What a cool scarf!! And eighty knitters- wow!! I liked the history... welcome back!

pinsandneedles said...

Freaking awesome blue beard! I want to know if you dyed your real beard or just put one on. The scarf was such a good idea!

LesleyD said...

Very Cool Scarf!!!

Zeeppo said...

I dyed my real beard blue

Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

Speaking Of Judy Garland, there is an amazingly popular new group on Yahoo called THE JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE. They ultra rare audio files, photo's lively discussions, and an incredible group of people that includes Judy's family members, authors of several Garland biographies, people who knew Judy, and an eclectic bunch of fans of all age ranges (including many that were able to see Judy perform in person. Come check the group out, its great!

roxtarchic said...

so we getta picture of the elusive zeepo.. AND his naturally blue beard! i love it! and that scarf is VERY cool!

roxtarchic said...

so we getta picture of the elusive zeepo.. AND his naturally blue beard! i love it! and that scarf is VERY cool!