Sunday, January 14, 2007

busy hands make show go

Thigs are busy with another item in the works for this weekends Dapto show and must have the baby jacket completed by wednesday morning to drop off with my other items and photos for Fridays judging. I have been busy knitting and sewing today to get things to a ready state. After these I commence work on the Kiama Show items as each show needs different items with some classes being different and that the same judge may judge at more than one show in the region.

Dapto has not only the best beanie and best scarf which are already done prior but the plain coathanger cover. Worked in Patons bluebell crepe 5ply in double moss stitch.

Knitty's Fetching mitts made in Holiday tweed 8ply yarn for the best knitted item class where those that dont fit into another class get put.

2 pairs of bootees one with cuff (long leg) one with short leg. These are in superfine baby yarn 3ply from a very old paragon bootee book that was my grandmothers but I must say the best book to work from.

Now just to complete the baby jacket in time bot fronts done and half way up the back so going well.


LesleyD said...

Awesome work darlin!! Way to Go!!!

Stephieface said...

awesome kick ass work!

pinsandneedles said...

they look great!

Lana said...

looks great!

sunneshine said...

What beautiful work!

Sam said...

I love the mitts!