Friday, January 26, 2007

Soft Boucle' Sweater

I have finished the Soft Boucle' Sweater. I have only been working on it for a month, or so. I was being very slow. The sweater also fits me comfortabley. It's loose, long and soft. I would say it fits more like a tunic would. I like it and will wear it often, I am sure.

FINALLY, a comfortable sweater that I will actually wear. I am so picky these days. The only's boucle' and fluffy. I am a plus-sized woman and "fluffy" is not a good thing. Do I care? Nahhhh...I like wearing it.

Specs on the sweater: Well, I did not use a set pattern for this sweater. I loosely based the back and front pieces on the Skully Sweater from the original Stitch N' Bitch book. After that, I sort of did my own thing. I knitted the sleeves on circular needles. I also shortened the sleeves by a lot. I have short arms, what can I say? It's a simple design, really. Drop shoulder, no decreases on sleeves and none on the body, either. Garter stitch trimmings too. Basic as one can get.

I used # 10 needles, both straight and circular. The yarn is Bernat Soft Boucle' in the # 22935 Mauve Shades color. I used exactly 4 skeins with not much to spare. That's about it. Easy peasey and comfortable.


LesleyD said...

It looks beautiful!! Great job!!

Scarlett said...

Hooray! It looks so soft and cozy and lovely. I hope you have many comfy days in it. :-)

nana said...

looks so soft and comfy. Really great job. Seriously, looks so comfy, I want one to snuggle up with.