Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Rules

With every group adventure there is always a set of rules. Here are the rules, for now...

- One of the most important rules is to remain courteous to all group blog members. No flaming, no name calling, etc. I just wanted to throw that out there.

cour·te·ous (adj.)Characterized by gracious
consideration toward others.

- It is not required that you have a weblog to join. You can just share your knits and photos here on this blog. Not a problem, at all.

- You will need to have or sign up for a Google/Blogger account. This blog uses Blogger Beta, currently. Google and Blogger will merge at some point in the future.

- You must be a knitter, obviously.

- Anyone can join, now male or female friendly. (changed with the new blog, Used to be Punk Rock Knit Girls.)

- All are welcome to join. Blue hair, spikey hair, no hair, piercings, tattooed. Sweat pants, leather pants, boots or barefoot. Whatever...It all goes...The only requirement on age is that you must be 16 years old, or older.

- You must love ROCK MUSIC. We accept all kinds of rock. Punk rock, pop rock, heavy metal, 80's rock, new wave, southern rock, alternative rock and so on...

- It is not required to post daily, or even weekly. You should post at least once a month to let us know you are alive. If you are inactive for a length of time, you may be removed from the member list.

- Ideas on what to post? You can post what you like. Share links to cool free knitting patterns that you think others in the group may enjoy. Music related stuff, knitting related. Images and a description of your latest finished knit, etc. Share your own knit patterns, band info too. The possibilities are endless. Whatever floats your boat.


- Don't type like this: pUnK rOcK kNiT gIrLs !!! It irritates me. Really, it does.

- Don't post images that are larger than 400 pixels wide. It interferes with the blog template. You may use a thumbnail and link to a larger image if you like, though.

- Don't curse. I am okay with "damn, crap, hell," etc. It's just tacky.

- No nudity, spyware, harmful to your computer type stuff, etc.
Use common sense, pretty much.

Still wanna join? Here's how...


Lana said...

testing the comments

Shannon said...

Knitters only? I can knit but I mostly crochet since that is what I teach. I do have pink hair does that help?