Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hey ladies

Hi. I'm new. Started knitting in November and I'm addicted. So far I've made gifts and one capelet for me. Here are my latest:
A needle case for my mother in law:

Pattern: Kables
Knit with: Cascade 220 in Lichen and Natural

A scarf for my friend Jenny:

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf
Yarn: Some pea green crap she picked out. :P


Lana said...

Very Pretty. For being a new knitter you are great with cables. I love your Irish Hiking Scarf.

sunneshine said...

Your scarf is great! I just finished one of those kable needle cases - will be posting it on my blog later. Great job with all those cables and welcome!

Stephieface said...

Welcome! Your stuff looks kick ass. :D

Zeeppo said...

You are off to a good start. That is a challenging scarf for a beginer and it looks good.

And Welcome from the male contingent of the Blog.