Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sorry about the different posts, computers being a butt... Anywho... I finished the other sleev, more pics on the bloggy... Posted by Picasa
This is the quilt I made for my little sister... The fabric is flanellette and its glow in the dark... I think she will love it... If she can look past the CRAP job of the quilt binding.. BUT my mitered corners are getting much better.... woo hoo! Posted by Picasa
This is both of the sides of the quilt... Posted by Picasa

Ankle Socks Rock!

I made these little beauties out of some Lorna's Laces yarn I bought on sale at KnitPixie. They are so soft! and best of all--machine washable!
Pattern: basic sock pattern *tweeked*
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Gold Hill; 1 skein
Needles: size 4 dpn's (5 of 'em)
I love making socks in w.w. yarn. They go faster and in the chilly/cold weather they are much warmer. Yippie~~

Okay Knitty! Out with the Winter Issue Already!!!!

Just had to get that out of my system. ;-)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knitting Progress

This sweater is what I have been occupied with for most of my evening. I was watching a movie and before I knew it, it was time to bind off the bottom body stitches. YAY! I now need to make some sleeves. It will have to wait in my knitting basket for a little while, first.

I have holiday and birthday knits to make work is never done, it seems.

I have also been knitting on a pair of socks. These are going to be an Xmas gift for someone special. I knitted on the one sock a little bit this morning. These should be done soon and then I can share a progress photo before I wrap them up and send them to the recipient.

It's exausting to knit this time of year...I hope all of you are well.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

McDreamy Hat and Scarf Set and Cell-Phone Cozies

Greetings, Punk Rock Knitters! I’m Sassy Sundry, a friend of Carissa Marie’s. She introduced me to this blog, and I think it’s great. You are all much more talented than I am, but that means that I get to learn from you. Plus, you might introduce me to some kickass music.

Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on.

McDreamy Hat and Scarf Set

This hat and scarf I made for my mother for Christmas in a post-marathon conference and family Thanksgiving haze. The only things I had the strength to do were watch endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and knit. The hat is the Sparkle Hat from Stitch ‘N Bitch, minus the sparkles. It’s knit on size 11 circular needles and size 10.5 double-pointed needles (the pattern called for 10, but I seemed to have misplaced those, and these worked fine).The scarf is just a basic stockinette scarf, made on size 13 needles. Both are made with Lamb’s Pride Bulky RPM Pink. Mom really likes pink.

McDreamy Scarf

Cell-Phone Cozies

When I got my new cell phone, I was so enamored that I was inspired to make cozies for it. I tried two different styles. The first I knit horizontal and sewed up the bottom and a side. The second I knit lengthwise and sewed up the sides. Both are made on size 8 needles and with Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn from my stash (Limeade and some wine color, respectively). I currently use the lime-colored cozy for my cellphone and the wine-colored one for my iPod (it fits the little case that it came in and the headphones perfectly).

I hope you like them, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Monday, November 27, 2006

New Skull scarf pattern

Skull Scarf Pattern on Knitty: "Yorick"

im in the club again!

bahahaha, how exciting... well, more exciting then whats going on in Freezing Cold Ville, Alberta, Canada.... its like minus 30 (celcius) out right... not including windchill.... are you freakin kiddin me? shouldnt people not leave their houses then? work should be cancelled and everyone should just stay at home... anyways... i just wanted to say hi, im just warming up ebfore i head out to my other jobby... hopefully i can score some free food... mmm free stuff...
oh, fabricland finally got some Alexander Henry fabric in (SKULLS AND ROSES OH MY!) so i bought 4 meters of it... oh yeah... im makin a dress... as soon as i find time....

ok, bye byes

I'm here!

I know you all missed me, right? Anyway, I joined up the new Blog over here, so, Here I am!

Right now, I'm looking for Patterns for Christmas Gifts. I need to make 3 hats, and 3 scarves. I better get going.

Rock on!

More Free Pattern Searching

I spent the early mornig time searching for random free patterns to share. Have at it...Happy Knitting.

Alexi Cardigan & Scarf, Cashmere Comfort Sweater, Vertigo Hat, Harry Potter Book Scarf, Larkspur Headband, Amber Hat, Marigold Hat, Peter Fair Isle Vest, Durrow Pullover, Bear Skin Rug, Aran Tweed Wrap, Comfort Shawl, Hello Kitty, Snowflake Star, Quilt In Stripes, Chevron Felted Bag

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Some Knitting...Has Been Done

I hope that everyone has had a lovely thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Mine was good and positively lazy. I have knitted quite a bit. Although, not on the projects that I should be working on and finishing. Tsk tsk on me.

I made this one sock with some yarn that my secret pal sent to me. I have yet to cast on for the second sock. I will most likely do that later this evening.

I still have a bunch of ongoing knitting projects that I should work on to get them out of the way. I have to make two second socks and two sweaters to finish. EEEK! I had better break out the needles.

Well, tomorrow is Monday and it's back to reality. No more sleeping in, eating leftover and watching movies while knitting. *sigh* Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there is snow in our forecast soon. I keep saying it's too early for snow...Have a great day!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yay I got it Working

It took me long enough to get posting on the new beta blogger. It is still not letting me bring my blog over. Well I don't know.

This is the new clown carf that my Clown Troop is working on. It is going to be longer and a lot more funny in a month.

It is made from Red Heart Mexicana. We cast on thirty stitched and it will go to three ten stich strips over so often for the braid. I will post pictures at interesting points.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!


May you have a fabulous Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My NIN Beanie

I was a bit bored, yesterday and decided to try out a chart that I made, but on a smaller scale. I used the top right corner of my Trent Reznor Chart. I figured a knit beanie would be large enough to place the NIN logo on. Not bad, not bad at all. It turned out pretty good.

Of course, I used some leftover LB Wool Ease. The main color was a dark blue and the NIN is done in the light pink. I think it's called Blush Heather. I used US # 8 straight needles and the same pattern as the Green Beanie that I made for my friend. (shown in previous entry)

If I don't get to say anything before tomorrow...I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! And for all our non-American members...just have a great day. I am now off to bake two pumpkin pies. Toodles.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Daughters Ballet Wrap

OK along time ago i said i was going to design a ballet wrap top for my daughter and i have started. It is CANDY PINK and white striped. This top is bound to get her noticed. i started it last night and i am half way through the back and have finished one arm, problem is i don't know how long she will get to wear it before she grows out of it, but hey it's OK i can past it on to my niece. Who i am sure will be dancing before no time herself.

The skull illusion scarf

OK, I had to have one of these. I live an a small, ultra conservative town in Virginia and I just needed a skull scarf. I love the magic of it that you can't see the skulls at all times. I have three children and run around in circles where I see other mothers, and when they saw the skulls, they said, "Oh, did you mean to do that?" It is a very entertaining piece.

Monday, November 20, 2006

holiday help, please . . .

Okay, so I am looking for some help! I have 5 employees and I want to knit something for them for christmas - I was going to do the same hat for all of them in different colors, now I am starting to second guess myself. It is the hat in the photo in orange/pink and blue. The low down on the hats are no matter what - they are made of Blue Sky Alpaca and in addition to their bonus. So here are the options:
1. they all get the same hat in different colors
2. they all get a hat but there will be two or three hat patterns and all different colors

Thanks for your opinions . . .

Cable purse

I am working on my blogging, so I am going to post again. I made this cable purse in chunky yarn. It was super easy and quick, the hardest part was lining it-- I had to use the sewing machine, not my specialty. Anyway, I am making several for my children's teachers.

This is what I have been doing . . .

Other then living in the land of the hat - this is what I have been doing! These knucks are a little bit of a cheater, because I finished them a while ago. My hubby really wanted skulls on his hands, so while flying to VA last week - I gave him the skulls! He wears these all the time. I am already thinking about what to do for his next pair -- after christmas . . .

This blanket is for my MIL - it is the one that my husband rolled all the yarn for back in that old post last sept. - she chose the colors (not my favorite, but she is a big Packers fan). It was really fun and pretty fast to knit. It turned out a little larger then I thought, about 54"x78". The best parts about it are that it is super soft
(thank you, Blue Sky Alpaca), super warm and has a great weight to it! I will be sad to not have it to knit under. Although, I am thinking of making one for Mubs next spring . . .

Back to the land of hats (and knucks) . . . more soon!

Hi everyone. I'm new to the group, though I have been reading everyone's posts for a few months now. So let me introduce myself. My name is Nana, which is short for Adriana. I am a stay at home mom of 1. I've been knitting for about a year and blogging for 1 month. I love music. Living in Austin, TX (the live music capital of the world) there is no shortage of shows to see. And the best part, most show are all ages. So on nice days I can pack up my chunky monkey go to The Park, a park, restaurant, club, coffee house or any # of music venues sit, knit, and enjoy a day with my husband and kid. The only place I won't take her is here though I have seen as young as 8 at those shows sporting mohawks and flipping the finger like no ones business. Those shows are reserved for me and my friends. My husband will go with sometimes but he's not really into seeing punk shows. He's received one too many bruises.

Right now I'm working on a smaller version of this for the afore mentioned chunky monkey who very recently turned 2. I'm knitting this in the round using Bernat's CottonTots in Grape Berry but I started the decreasing for the shoulders way too early and I didnt decrease rapidly enough so I'm currently ripping back a few rows. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated. This is my first sweater and I choose this one cause i liked it and I'm not afraid of modifying a pattern for sizes not given. Give me the pattern repeat/chart and I take off, after swatching properly that is. And since the cables are in the center it was easy to adjust the pattern. Once I'm done I'll post what I did to modify it on my blog. I'm hoping to get it done so she can wear it on Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mean Green Beanie

I have completed another knitting project. It was only a quickie hat. This hat will go to a friend of mine. It's your basic knit beanie. I used US # 8 needles and Lionbrand Wool Ease in the color Forest Heather. The hat is loosely based on the London Beanie. I knitted mine flat, though and seemed up the back. My 16-inch circulars are currently occupied.

I have made many of these beanies...Last year, I think I made 8 of these hats, total. The London Luv Beanie, Hubby Beanie, Daughter's Halloween Hat (I added the ears), Another London Beanie, to name but a few.

I am actually considering making myself another beanie with the NIN logo on the front, in intarsia. We'll see...Of course I will share a photo if I do make the hat and most probably the chart for it too.

Free Blog Mini Buttons

I was bored this afternoon and decided to make some random buttons to share with everyone. You can right click and save these to your computer and use them wherever you'd like. I will make some more soon. Any requests? Let me know in the comments and I will try and oblige. Toodles for now...

Sweater for my daughter

I just looked at the postings for today and saw the top down knitted sweater. I had just finished a top down knitted sweater for my daughter and made a matching hat with twisted rib. I do love making the top down sweater-- they are so easy and go so quickly.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Popsicle Blue Sweater Progress

I am currently knitting on a sweater. Well, two sweaters really. But the pictured sweater is occupying me this weekend. It's a Top Down Raglan Sweater. Has anyone else tried one of these?

Pattern include:
Glampyre's Top Town Cardigan
Bad Penny
Mesilla Tee
Cosmic Pluto's Top Down Cardi
Top Down Sweater Generator
Incredible Custom Fit Raglan

I am not using a pattern for the pictured sweater. Once you understand the basics on knitting in the Top Down technique. You can make and adjust as you go. It's easy-peasy. I am using US # 8 circular needles, both 16" and larger. I also decided to use the YO increase technique. There are several different increases you can use. (Kf&b, M1, etc) I am leaving the edges to roll slightly on the sleeves, body and neckline. Oh yes, this is my third Top Down Raglan and I love the technique. It's my favorite way to make a sweater, due to minimal finishing, sewing.

The yarn I am using is Lionbrand Cotton Ease. It's soft and lovely. Too bad it's discontinued. Although, I have heard they are bringing it back in new colors. The color I am using is

700-148 Popsicle Blue

Well, I am now off to work on a few smaller projects that I have on the needles. I have reached my weekend goal of making it to the body portion of the Top Down Raglan. YAY me!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend...

Some Free Patterns

I occasionally do free pattern surfing online, when I can find the time. Here are some of my finds for this post. Happy Knitting!

Beaded Skull Cap, Pi Topper Chemo Cap, Wisteria Sweater, Fair Isle Sweater Vest, Knit Capelet, Harry Potter Uniform Sweater, Andrea Bag, Fake Isle Hat, Mourka Shrug, Camisole Of Death, Kable Felted Knitting Needles Case, Mini Waffle Socks, Legwarmers.

More free pattern links to come...eventually.
Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

First Scarf

This is my WIP scarf I'm knitting for my sister:
It's on sz. 15 needles, in paton's Divine. It's in moss stitch and drop stitch. I dig this whole drop stitch thing because it makes the scarf longer faster. I don't have the patience to do garter or knit stitch every row.

It occured to me today that it's probably a bit odd that since learning to knit, I've made a sweater (even though it was small), coin purse, big purse, several hats, mittens, and 1.6 socks and I'm just now getting around to making a scarf. Aren't you supposed to learn how to knit with scarves?
I feel a smidge better because I don't think the Yarn Harlot's first project was a scarf either. Anyone else? What was your first knitting project?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Baby Knits, So Far

I spent an entire day with no cable tv and no internet. The storm knocked out my lifeline. LOL! I spent most of my day, yesterday, knitting. I did make a pale yellow pair of socks and a matching baby beanie for my husband's cousin who is having a baby boy in a few months. I have not finished all of the baby knits just yet, but it's a start.

I sometimes forget how tiny little babies are. I do have two daughters of my own, but they are now 15 and 10 and a 1/2. It's been ages since I have been around any newborns. I keep second guessing myself on the size of the hat and socks. "Will they fit?" Also, I almost wished that I had learned to knit while my girls were young. Baby knits are fun and quick to make. And then I thought...When my girls were young...who had time to even knit? HEH!

Ok, I am back, by the way. My internet is now working and all is well. Have a great evening, everyone.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My first sweater

Hey guys. My name is Carissa Marie and I'm new to the Punk Rock Knitters. I'm from the Seattle area but am currently working and going to school near Boston.

But enough about me....I wanted to share my latest knitting accomplishment: A chunky-knit sweater for my baby nephew modeled by Ja-Zeppe the frog:

It's just one of the projects on the long list of Christmas knitting I have to do. It was super quick and easy because it was with bulky yarn on size 15 needles so I was able to finish it in two sittings (probably about 6 hours total).

Still on the needles:

Sweater for my husbando
Scarf for my sister
Second sock of my first pair of socks ever

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peace in Knitting!

One can't live in Oregon without having a peace sign somewhere. Mine is on my knitting notions bag. Yeah, us Oregonians are a bunch of hippies.

This entry is mainly pointless. I was taking progress photos of my knitting. My digital camera is on it's last legs. I am hoping it lasts until Xmas. Maybe Santa will buy me a new one. Hey, I can hope, right?

Also, us Oregonians are in the midst of a nasty storm. More rains, to an already flooded area, and high winds. So, I am unsure of the next time I will be posting. I wanted to warn every one in case the power goes out for me. If any new members have emailed their "Want to joins" in...I will get to them all as soon as I can. Be patient. This may all blow over and all will be well. Cross your fingers. I wish everyone a great night...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I had an idea...

...for a crazy knitted bag the other day and tonight, I started sketching it out and I think it'll work. The problem I'm having, though, is that I have no idea how big I want it to be. Because of the design, it'll probably have to be on the smallish side, but at the same time, I don't want it so small the necessities and stuff won't fit. And, that's where I'm stuck. I've never been really good with purses and bags. I chose my current one because it was big enough to fit a sketchbook and pencil case in. Usually, I don't even carry it unless I'm going somewhere I can sit and sketch because I really don't have much to put in it (no car keys, no cellphone, etc.) My necessities will fit in my pockets, but I know that's not true for everyone. :)

So, does anyone have any size suggestions? I need all the help I can get! Thanks! :D

Friday, November 10, 2006

Baby Knits!

I recently found out that a pregnant family member is having a baby boy, soon. I was wondering if any of you have any free baby knitting patterns that you love, on the internet. I am trying to find some things to knit for the upcoming baby. Any cool patterns to share?

I do have a basic baby sock pattern already. I am looking more for hats and maybe sweaters. A blanket too. Although, I may use the baby blanket pattern from the first Stitch n' Bitch book. I have not decided.

I do know that I really need to get busy on the baby knitting. EEEEK! I rarely knit baby items. So, this is sort of unchartered territory for me. My daughters are aged 15 and 10 and 1/2. LOL!

Thanks in advance for your help...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dulaan Fetching Hat

Yarn: Wool of the Andes (worsted weight)
Needles: Size 8 circulars (16") plus size 8 dpn's
Modifications: I used w.w yarn instead of bulky and size 8 needles instead of 10. This gave me a cute little baby size hat. It worked up in one day and probably used 100 yards of yarn.
Right now I am working it as the pattern stated with some wonderful handpainted yarn in 100% wool. These are the beginning of my Dulaan Project donations for the year 2007.

Too cute!

I sent this hat to my friend Paul for his new(ish) daughter Lexi. He sent this photo back with the thank you. It was so sweet, I had to share it! (And the hat is my favorite punk stripe baby hat, in pink and creme.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Camouflage Kittyville!

finally have a finished object to share. It's been a while. I have several large knitting projects going at the moment, and it's taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R!

I have completed the Camouflage Kittyville Hat. I used Bernat Camouflage yarn in the color "desert sand." I love the brown colors mixed together. Knitting the hat in the round made for interesting color effects with the variegated yarn. I kind of like it though. I should be an expert at knitting this particular hat. I have lost count on how many of these I have actually made. Four maybe? Or is it five? It's one of my all time favorite knitted hat patterns. It's so cute!

*edited 11/7 to add another photo*

Here is a photo of me, wearing the Camouflage Kittyville Hat. I am not wearing any makeup, excuse my bare-faced self. don't wear stuff on my face very often. I am just a hippy at heart, I suppose...LOL! My hair was damp too, after having gotten soaked out in the rain, this morning.

Hey, but I LOVE the hat...

I may be making several more of these for gifts...I have a gazillion one skeins of acrylic to choose from and this hat is so quick to make...It would be fun to give some away to friends, family, etc. Stay tuned for more kitty hats.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Your Favorite Band...

Listing your favorite band/musician in the members list...I just wanted to say that you can list a band that is already mentioned in the member list, when you join. They don't have to all be unique. If you happen to like a band that someone else has already's alright. You may also list your band, if you happen to be in one.

I just thought I would mention this information.

Weekly Photos

I have added a "Weekly PRK's Photo" section to the side bar. What is this? Well, once this blog gets going, I will change the photo roughly once a week to showcase one photo of a member's finished object. The images will come from the blog itself. I will randomly choose the photo to be placed in the section, from blog posts. For now, I have uploaded my skull illusion scarf as the weekly photo. We don't have any photos to choose from, at the moment. Once this blog gets will change weekly.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogger Beta & Member Listing

This blog is exclusively for people that are using the beta version of blogger. You either have to sign up for a new google/blogger account or have made the switch within your old version of blogger already. I have no idea when the new version of blogger will officially be released to the public. Until this happens, I can't add members unless you are using the beta blogger. Bummer, I know. It's nothing personal, believe me.

My old blogger account that I have had since December of 2000 (which is a great length of time) is still unable to make a switch to the blogger beta version. I ended up signing up for a new google/blogger account. It was unfortunate and sad for me to begin anew. According to blogger there will be a way to merge the old blogger account with the new beta version. I have yet to see this fact with my old blogger account.

It's also unfortunate that I am having to move blog-house with this group blog. It is time to do so, though. I think we have outgrown our old blogger home. For one, I changed the name to "Punk Knitters" rather than "Punk Rock Knit Girls." This makes the group more gender friendly, in case any knitting dudes would like to join the group too. Hey, you never know...?

What else? Oh, the member list is currently set to list members in the order of their joining. There is no preferential listing. Maybe at a later time, I will set the list to alphabetically list members. For now, it's listed as member join. I just wanted to throw this in clarify.

Alright, I think that is all of the blog news I have to relay at the moment. Have a great weekend...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh this rocks!

It's looking really, really good! did a great job on this!

The Rules

With every group adventure there is always a set of rules. Here are the rules, for now...

- One of the most important rules is to remain courteous to all group blog members. No flaming, no name calling, etc. I just wanted to throw that out there.

cour·te·ous (adj.)Characterized by gracious
consideration toward others.

- It is not required that you have a weblog to join. You can just share your knits and photos here on this blog. Not a problem, at all.

- You will need to have or sign up for a Google/Blogger account. This blog uses Blogger Beta, currently. Google and Blogger will merge at some point in the future.

- You must be a knitter, obviously.

- Anyone can join, now male or female friendly. (changed with the new blog, Used to be Punk Rock Knit Girls.)

- All are welcome to join. Blue hair, spikey hair, no hair, piercings, tattooed. Sweat pants, leather pants, boots or barefoot. Whatever...It all goes...The only requirement on age is that you must be 16 years old, or older.

- You must love ROCK MUSIC. We accept all kinds of rock. Punk rock, pop rock, heavy metal, 80's rock, new wave, southern rock, alternative rock and so on...

- It is not required to post daily, or even weekly. You should post at least once a month to let us know you are alive. If you are inactive for a length of time, you may be removed from the member list.

- Ideas on what to post? You can post what you like. Share links to cool free knitting patterns that you think others in the group may enjoy. Music related stuff, knitting related. Images and a description of your latest finished knit, etc. Share your own knit patterns, band info too. The possibilities are endless. Whatever floats your boat.


- Don't type like this: pUnK rOcK kNiT gIrLs !!! It irritates me. Really, it does.

- Don't post images that are larger than 400 pixels wide. It interferes with the blog template. You may use a thumbnail and link to a larger image if you like, though.

- Don't curse. I am okay with "damn, crap, hell," etc. It's just tacky.

- No nudity, spyware, harmful to your computer type stuff, etc.
Use common sense, pretty much.

Still wanna join? Here's how...

Want To Join?

So, you want to join the group? Cool!
First you should read The Rules.

How To Join:

1. Email the Admin, Carissa at carissamarie AT gmail dot com with the Subject Line "Punk Rock Knitters." Include in your e-mail:
- Name or nickname you wish to go by.
- Link to your blog or website (if you have one)
- Your favorite band/musician (only one, sorry)

2. The Admin will send you an Invitation to Join


Feel free to take one of the buttons below and post it on your blog or site, to link here. Right click and save as to your own computer please.

A text link also works... Punk Rock Knitters
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A New Beginning...

This will be the future home of Punk Rock Knitters!