Wednesday, January 31, 2007

IHS Progress

Remember my entry a few days ago about knitting the IHS with Patons SWS yarn? (SWS = Soy Wool Stripes)

Here is the progress I have made on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I am loving the yarn, so far. It's so pretty. The colorway is "Natural Earth."

The IHS is one of my favorite scarves to knit. This is my second round on the pattern.

I have finished my first skein of SWS on the scarf. I measured it. One skein of SWS yarn, 110 yards, makes 18" worth of the IHS scarf. I have 4 skeins of the should be plenty long enough, approximately 72 inches. I just wanted to share that in case anyone else decides to use Patons SWS for the IHS scarf.

Another thing, I did not connect the new skein of yarn in the exact color pattern. The striping follows a sequence, I noticed. If you are a picky person that like things in will have to find the sequence order and connect from there. Me? I don't care. I am all about wacky things in my knitting. You can see where I connected the wrong color at the top. You see the reddish segment? It should be followed by a segment of green, as below it. Instead...the continuation is blue. Meh, I don't care. I just thought I would warn anyone...who uses the SWS. The skeins are a bit random in what colors they begin. It's never the same color. That's all.



Oh, that is so beautiful. I think I'll have to picke up some SWS, maybe for a Fake-Isle hat? Think that would work?

Lana said...

I was considering buying one skein at a later date to make a fake isle. It's certainly cheaper than the original Fake Isle yarn. LOL!

Purlygirly said...

Beautiful! Both the yarn (which I have recently ordered) and the scarf (one of my favorites, too!)

Can't wait to see the whole beautiful thing!

Klara said...

Wish I could get the SWS here... I love that colors!

Boop said...

Just awesome colours. Haven't done the IHS yet, but certainly would like to. Thanks for the motivation.