Monday, January 15, 2007

my first socks!

I am so excited to have finished my first pair of socks! There are so many of you who are sock crazy - and I didn't get it till I tried it! These are the spring hiking socks from halcyon in wick yarn (a soy/polypropeline yarn that is supposed to wick water away from your skin!) from knit one, crochet two. Now I am hooked on socks, and they are a great project for traveling!

Have a great week!


DAWN said...

I didn't get it till I made my first pair, too. You will always have a pair going now. You've been bitten. Congrats! they look fabulous, I love the way they striped.

Lana said...

very cute. I love the colors and I have a weakness for self striping yarns for socks. LOL! Great job!


It's an addiction. I'd warn you, but it's obviously to late. Welcome to the sock side of knitting. ;) They look beautiful.