Monday, January 01, 2007

Free Winged Heart Chart

I got bored today and made up this chart for a winged heart, because I thought it would be cute to put on a hat. I think I'm going to make a beanie and Intarsia the design into it. I just thought I'd be nice and post it here in case anyone likes it.

Here's the direct link, just in case:



ImpulsiveKnitter said...

I really like that it is something different yet will still get noticed. I would love to use it and make a scraf and matching mittens for my cousin. If you have any others i would love to see them.

Boop said...

Thx. for the chart. By the way, what program did you use to construct it? I would like to chart up some things too, but am not sure what program to use. Would appreciate your help. Thx.

Kaity said...

I copy and past this:

intothe paint program on my PC, and do it from there. I think the graph was specifically designed for knitting charts, so there you go!

Boop said...

Hey Kaity,
I would definitely agree that it's a knit graph from the shape. Going to give it a go & really appreciate your help. Thx. again.

Lani said...

Oh, that is very cute. I must save the chart and then put it on something. Hmmm...?

Carissa said...

Ooooooh. I like. Hmmm. I now need to come up with something to knit it into.