Friday, January 05, 2007

Alpaca Along

I just wanted to let all the PRK peeps know I'm hosting an Alpaca along. It's pretty open ended, even if you only have plans to knit something with alpaca, feel free to join. Or at least stop by on occasions. :) I need some buttons too, my silly hubby deleted Photoshop AND paint! Do you believe that?

I edited this to fix the link! Sorry! (P.S. Check out Webs for great deals on Alpaca yarns!)


Carissa said...

You alpaca along link isn't working. :-(

sunneshine said...

I believe the link is
not sure how to create a link in a comment, but if you paste that it should work!

Lana said...

Hmmm...well i would join...but I have never use alpaca, none in my stash. No idea where to get it from and the cost is a bit iffy for me.


Hmm...I wonder why it's not working. Try this.

And you can get some Alpaca on sale at Webs Lana. There was some going for about $3 a ball last time I checked, which is about as much as some of the acrylic yarns.