Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stars in Her Eyes

I would just like to say Yay! for the stars banner! and Yay! for Kaity. Glad that the PUNK ROCK KNITTERS are still goin' strong.

Fall Fiber Fest in Pittsburgh

I have been working on this thing for the last month. Well not the logo that did not take a month. I have been working on the event. We now have the knitting teacher together and have started looking for sponsors and vendors. Life is good.

It is shaping up to be a fun time. We will be having it November 3rd and 4th in Homestead. It is a borough near Pittsburgh. We are still looking for Vendors and volunteers to help with the classes. Anyone interested please email me at
I also wanted to say a special Thank you to Lana. I started my knitting blog shortly before joining this blog back when it was the Punk Rock Knit Girls. In the last couple years male knitters have gone from being the 500 lb elephant that everyone ignored to the 400 lb elephant that everyone ignores.
Well the Knit List may not have List Dads and the clown knitting revolution may not have taken off. Still, it is nice to have a place to post.
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

In a Creative Funk

I will hopefully have a little something to show for all of the stuff I have been knitting and spinning. The sweater from hell is getting alot closer to being done. I will hopefully have a pix to show soon.

Along with the sweater, I have been working slowly on a pair of toe up sox with a zig zag pattern along with some spinning. I may try my hand at spinning some worsted weight yarn. All of the spinning gurus are right, it is hard to go thick after you have gone thing. LOL There is some pretty red and black that is just screaming to be worsted.

I am off to groove to The Killers and actually accomplish some work today. LOL

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Busy but still going well

The tea cosy is still doing some competing and latest was a cancer fundraiser and it placed 2nd.
So thats now Kiama Show 1st, Castle Hill Show 1st and Epping 2nd.

I am still flat chat with orders and a baby who could arrive at any time and need garments quickly. So Back to the grind I go like Skid Row sang I am a slave to the grind.

Friday, May 25, 2007

eiffel sweater

Here is my Eiffel sweater I made from Hempathy yarn--- mostly hemp. I got the pattern and the yarn from my PRGE secret pal. It was a fun pattern-- pretty easy, but not so easy that you get bored! It was a pattern from Knitty.


it's a beautiful day today.... and i'm getting to leave here early (the bosses are away & i'm leaving early to play).. all we have to do this wk/end is NOTHING... and i'm thrilled...

maybe we'll do some planting (that means maybe ctg will do some planting) hehe..
altho i think i can handle a lil digging in the dirt... a lil sprucing up of things & maybe some...

KNITTING in the backyard by the pool (which should be opened sat afternoon fingers crossed)...

i hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day wk/end...

And The Winner Is...

Thank You to everyone who entered the Sock Yarn drawing Contest, It's so fun to get to know you all better and learn about how long you've been knitting and Thanks for making me feel welcome as your new Admin :)

Now, It's on to the winner.

All the names inside the hat (Handknit, of course): Than Mom stuck her hand inside and pulled out... Yay for Kitty!(She even told me she loves to knit socks!)

So, Kitty, I'll shoot an E-mail your way to get your address and I'll try to get it in the mail today.

Thanks for playing everyone, sorry you didn't win :( I wanna give presents to all of you!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

its been so long...

hey kaity, and everyone... i hope everyone has been well... i am doing great. knitting has kinda been blah lately... doing mostly small projects till i can get my mojo goin again ;)

this hat i made was a special request from a coworker... its My Neighbour Totoro... whaddya think!?!?! i used my own pattern to figure this one out...
Thanks for looking everyone!


I was asked to design a Barbie doll with my take on spring fashion and it was to have some of my knitting in it. So I turned this Barbie in to the Rocky Mountain News about a month ago. Her underpiece of her dress and her sweater are both knit. My hairdresser did her mohawk (I wish I was that talented...). Finally today, Barbie hit the paper along with the other 9 Barbies that were commissioned. Unfortunately, I don't think that the photo is great, but what can ya do? Here is the link to the story:,2792,DRMN_62_5552102,00.html

From there you can go to vote on all the Barbies - and I am shamlessly asking for votes!! My doll is Modern Mohawk. Please give mine a 5!! There are some other cool Barbies, too, so its fun to look!! Also, the Barbies are all being auctioned off with all the monies going to Dress for Success, a great cause!

Thanks for helping with the votes!!
Happy Knitting!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh yeah, I'm tough

After a goofy photo shoot with DH teasing me the whole time, I had to share this "tough" picture of me modeling my first sweater, Flair by Knit & Tonic. Despite approaching 30, I can be badass still, right? HA!

Anyways, Flair was a fun knit. I added 2 inches onto the length and could have added more. I might rip the sleeves and make them a tad longer as well, but I'll probably procrastinate on that a while. Knit with Blue Sky Organic Cotton in Toffee on size 8s.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well, I guess I'm in charge!

Hey Punk Rock Knitters, I'm your new Administrator! Our dear Lana has stepped down, and I think we should give her a big round of applause for Creating this group, and doing a wonderful job! Yeah Lana! Now, a little about myself:
Well, I've been a member since the beginning, I haven't posted in a while though. My name is Kaity, I'm 19, I live in Southern California, and I've been knitting for... 4 years? Yes, 4 years. I've been on the TV Show, Knitty Gritty. I also have a little Online shop, Kaity's Handmade. I'm punk (duh), my favorite band is The Clash. Besides Knitting, I also play guitar, and I used to play Bass, but I decided to focus more on Guitar and gave up Bass.

Anything Else you wanna know about me, let me know.

Here's how you can Contact Me:

My Email: doozer2004 AT
My Blog: If You Want To Destroy My Sweater
My Myspace

Now, I won't be changing much around here. It will be the same ol' Punk Rock Knitter's Blog. I changed the Colors and a little bit of the sidebar, but that's it.

And, in Honor of my Becoming the new Admin, I'm having a PRK Contest! I have this skein of Sock Yarn (Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel):

Quite Punk, right? I mean, you can't get more punk than Red and Black. All you have to do to enter to win is Leave a comment, say Hi, introduce yourself, let me know how long you've been knitting, whatever. Everyone that Comments will have their name put into a random drawing and I'll pull a winner on Friday Morning (Only members of Punk Rock Knitters can Enter.) Simple?

Well Guys, I hope to have a great time as your new Administrator. Rock on (and Knit on)!

Need A New Admin Person

Okay, if anyone doesn't know this...I created and run this here blog. I am stepping down as the Admin/Owner of this blog. I want to know if anyone is interested in taking over this blog. It's easy enough to do. You email me...and I set you to an admin and you take over. You would have to change the sidebar "to join" email and what not. So, anyone interested? Email me at knit.princess AT and I can set it all up.

I can't give the time and effort to do this blog justice anymore. My internet access isn't fabulous right now and I find that mundane life has sort of taken over. I have a part time job designing a webpage for a company. I am not even knitting as much as I did before. I do still plan to be a member, of course. I just can't run things here.

Anyone, anyone?

Punkified Philosophy

I've been wondering something for the last year or so? Punk, is it a fashion statement, a state of mine or a phase that someone goes through?

A few weeks ago, I was in downtown Portland waiting on the train, when a group of "modern day punks" walked up. Now clearly, they were trying to shock and or offend by their language/posturing and hand gestures. Me, I had to seriously control the laughter. I guess my attempt at controlling my snickering wasn't a success because one of them asked me "what I was laughing at". Another one said, that "laughing at freedom of expression was just wrong".

I guess in my jeans, tshirt, mundane hair cut and color, I looked like the proverbial mom from the suburbs to them. I turned around and told them that I had been spray painting London, wearing ripped jeans and paint spattered MC's before they were a gleam in their father's eye. I was the one that cut the way for them to dress and act as they were and for their freedom of expression. That got me a weird look. I then pointed out that I was sneaking into Slayer concerts before they were even thought of...that of all things, got me respect. I was then totally cool!

I guess Punk is for me a state of mind. I may dress to the norms and I may act and talk to the norms, but inside, I'm still running around with green spray paint, painting up the town. I have had to fact facts that there is nothing worse than a 40 year old woman trying to dress like a 20 year old. I actually still have the spiked collar my boyfriend gave me back in 1985 and my old doc martin's from way back when. Ah, the good old days of the mosh pits, the punk concerts, the parties in Hell's park. Sigh.... Even now, the skull and cross bones has become a fasionista thing, is nothing sacred anymore?

And for present day and future punks...when doing the graffiti thing...make sure you change your clothes and ditch them before the cops get ahold of you!

There has been knitting

Life has gotten so in the way lately, that I've barely had time to keep up with the daily blog and not much else. I do have knitting to share though.

There is a sock there, ontop of the laptop. I found a couple of balls of Koigu (yay) and am working on a pair of socks from them. That stuff is totally yummy.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oregon Rose Cloche (pattern)

I have completed writing out my pattern for the Oregon Rose Cloche, this morning. I decided to post the pattern, for free on my blog, to anyone who wanted to knit the hat.

My Oregon Rose Cloche pattern...

Oh, if anyone makes the hat...let me know how it turns out and if the pattern was okay. I am the only one who test knitted the cloche, twice. I tried to write my instructions clearly, but you never know if there are confusion in some areas. So, do let me know...

HAPPY Friday and HAPPY Knitting too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

OMG! This is too freaking cool!!!!

Okay so it isn't knitting related but it is totally PUNK and Killer Crafty!!!
I was surfing Punky Moms and found this!!!
I wish I would have thought of it!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hi everybody

Just wanted to introduce myself since I'm new here...

I'm Selana and I live with my 2 1/2 year old boy in Dortmund Germany, so please forgive me any mistakes I make with my english, it is not my native language...

My favorite music is a mix of gothic, rock, metal and medieval music, I don't think that there is any category that would really fit... but that's the same for me, I'm not like any stereotype, I'm just me no matter what others think about me...

I knit and crotched all different kinds of things, for me mostly in black or black with red, for my son all kinds of colors except pink, for my family and friends what they like best... I have already done everything from socks to sweaters, if you want to see my works so far, visit my blog - but be warned, it is in german lol

Here are 2 photos, one with me and my son, the other one shows me at a concert

A Little Late

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the rock'n mothers out there and to all of the mother supporters.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Felted bag

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I finished this bag last night. I've knitted and felted it and it was my first felting project =D I'm quite happy with the results I hope my mom is too as I made it for her for mothersday =)
I made the bag up as I went along as I couldn't find a pattern that I really liked so I had no choice but to wing it=) I also added a ribbon to it that I had laying around I thought it'd look nice on it=)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rose Cloche

I have finished the second incarnation of my "Rose Cloche." This time, I made it in black. The first one can be seen in a previous post. The pattern is my own. I have not finished writing and editing the pattern yet. Soon, very soon.

Take care, all my knittin' pals. Have a great weekend!


Cabled Eyelet Pillow

Well, after much pondering about what to give my mom for Mother's Day, I decided upon this pillow I had been knitting. I'm very happy with it. The colors match her decor perfectly, and I really like the little peek-a-boo eyelets revealing the white pillow form underneath. I used Knitpick's baby alpaca, and its so soft! I found the pattern in a great bargain book I got at Borders called "Now You're Knitting", which has about 165 knitting patterns of all kinds in it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cupcake Dishcloth Pattern

I know I'm a nut but if anyone is interested in getting a free cupcake dishcloth pattern, you can find it on my blog here

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My first sock!

I made my first sock!! It is the Yarn Harlots , she was on Knitty gritty and this is her "recipe" for making socks. I used lion brands Magic stripes. I happened to find 2 leftover skeins of it at acmoore. They don't carry it anymore. It seemed like a good way to try my first sock. Now I need to get out my Knitpicks catalog and order some good sock yarn.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Stick a fork in me....

....cuz I'm done. Hooray!

Ms. Marigold by Zephyr Style. This is the second pattern I've done from them and I have concluded that they must design them for size xs or s and then just increase the stitches proportionally or something because they are always too big. I had a tighter gauge, knit a size smaller than I shoud have and still needed to add waist decreases and a seam to make it fit better. They also seem to think women with larger chests also have very large arms. I'm happy with my end product, though.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Hush Dress is Done!!

The Hush, Hush dress from Knitty is done!! Finally! I needed to have it done to wear to a knitting class that I teach on Fridays - so here it is. And I actually love it!! It is not blocked, yet. I was so over this project at the end, I was worried that I would hate it, but it fits, its flattering - the first photo is of it on the floor before wearing. The second is the dress after a long day of knitting, work, dinner and drinks out! So it was worth all the effort and the re-knitting! And I would say to buy the one pound cone of yarn - my dress is a small, so there was a bunch of yardage left, but there were only three ends to weave. (And now I will take a cue from Stella and try the leftover yarn on socks!) Done, Done, Done!! Now I am making only small projects for a bit....

Happy Knitting!!

last fm

I followed the link over to fellow uk punk knitter knitted_paintings blog and saw she too was on lastfm, so i've friended her, and I wondered whether more of you are on there too?

For those not on it yet.. last fm is a sort of social music site. You download a piece of free software which hooks up to the site when you play music, keeping a record of all the tracks you've been listening to. This information is kept on your personal page and generates your own charts of most listened to etc.

You can click on the artists and tracks to go to their own pages, with information about them, lists of recommendations for similar artists, and other useful tags to help you find similar stuff you might like. You can leave messages on artists and other user pages. You can add friends, join groups, and also there is a cool feature called "neighbours". When you look at another users page a musical compatibility rating is generated, showing you what bands etc you have in common. On your main page you'll see a sidebar that contains your friends, your shoutbox, and your neighbours. Neighbours are people you havent friended yet but who have very similar music taste to you.

Ive found lastfm really useful so far in finding new music I probably wouldnt have heard otherwise. I don't know how good my explanation is so check it out yourself:

last fm
my profile - felicitykendall

Friday, May 04, 2007

Stripey jumper - by my mum!

I am all over the place at the moment (I AM knitting but the yellow thing I am doing is taking ages..) so in the meantime here is one by my mum!

She used to knit for a living, and she hasn't been well and hasn't knitted recently so this is her first foray back into it. Isnt she gorgeous??? And the jumper is nice too!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Greetings All!


I am new to the group and just wanted to say hello. Don't know what exactly to say about myself except that I love knitting and music (guess that says it all!). A little sample of something I knit up recently. This is the Lana & Clark Ascot from Vickie Howell of Knitty Gritty. If anyone is interested in the pattern, here is the link:

I knit it up with "Rock", from Vickie Howell's new line of yarn in the color Joan. It was a lot of fun to do - especially the picot edging. Well, that's it for now. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all. Cheers!

Untitled Hat, My Pattern

Okay, I have been knitting a bit lately. Not necessarily on things I should be kitting on, but knitting, nonethless. I love my "cloche" hats. This is my newest "test hat" for a pattern I am writing. The yarn is just extras that I had in my stash. The real hat, when I work out the kinks...will be something different.

I am not entirely sure about the rose pin, yet. I am not sure I like it. I remain undecided.

Cute hat though...and I love the style. More to come on the hat, I am sure.

I hope everyone is well and knitting happily. Toodles!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lily for Mom

The first of what will be a whole bouquet for my mom. One full length shot and one down into the middle. Pattern link here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Alert! Alert!

New Magknits and Anticraft!

My Elfin Bride

I finally finished my Elfin Bride sweater from the Domiknitrix book. It is probably the most difficult piece I have knit. I finished because I was knitting it for the KnitAvalon KAL, so luckily I had a deadline. I finished with lots of calls to my knitting friends and visits to the LYS. So thanks to everyone who helped me finish this project, it is far from perfect-- but I am happy with the end result!!