Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My NIN Beanie

I was a bit bored, yesterday and decided to try out a chart that I made, but on a smaller scale. I used the top right corner of my Trent Reznor Chart. I figured a knit beanie would be large enough to place the NIN logo on. Not bad, not bad at all. It turned out pretty good.

Of course, I used some leftover LB Wool Ease. The main color was a dark blue and the NIN is done in the light pink. I think it's called Blush Heather. I used US # 8 straight needles and the same pattern as the Green Beanie that I made for my friend. (shown in previous entry)

If I don't get to say anything before tomorrow...I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! And for all our non-American members...just have a great day. I am now off to bake two pumpkin pies. Toodles.


sunneshine said...

I love it!! It turned out great!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

KatnZoey said...

wow, that is realy cool. im drooling. u must be the fastest knitter in the world. im jealous.

i love that hat.

ImpulsiveKnitter said...

How much do you think you would pay for that in a shop. Just goes to show that people that laugh at us knitters are really the ones missing out. What a great job. You have given me insipration to put some groovey things onto mine and my kids beanies. You are a creative person. Have a happy thanks giving, but i do wonder what a pumpkin pie taste like have never had one in the land of oz

KatnZoey said...

hey, i looooooooove loooooooove that hat, and i want to make my bf one. but i was wondering if u would comment on the third hat on my blog, my moms friend has cancer, and my mom asked me to make her some hats, and i dont know if its good enough, i hate the top neways i luv ya! happy turkey day!!!

pinsandneedles said...

That's so cool! I made a NIN wrist warmer once and then I lost it. But all my friends said that its so punk rock! Hell, that hat is punk rock!