Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The skull illusion scarf

OK, I had to have one of these. I live an a small, ultra conservative town in Virginia and I just needed a skull scarf. I love the magic of it that you can't see the skulls at all times. I have three children and run around in circles where I see other mothers, and when they saw the skulls, they said, "Oh, did you mean to do that?" It is a very entertaining piece.


Lana said...

beautiful scarf. I love the colors. I made an illusion scarf not too long ago and I love mine. Mine is purple and white. YAY for skulls.

KatnZoey said...

wow, thats pretty cool. i should make me one of em. and the colors rock. sweet!

Carissa said...

Them - "Did you mean to do that?"

you - "Mean to do what?"

Them - "Well, it kind of looks like a skull and crossbones."

You - "Oh really? Where? I don't see it. The scarf just looks purple to me."

lol Maybe they'll start thinking they're imagining things and leave you alone.

pinsandneedles said...

lol! i have a friend that's a mother and the other mothers look at her funny because she wears my skull and cross bones knits that i make. its absolutely refreshing to see moms wearing cool stuff like that.