Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Baby Knits, So Far

I spent an entire day with no cable tv and no internet. The storm knocked out my lifeline. LOL! I spent most of my day, yesterday, knitting. I did make a pale yellow pair of socks and a matching baby beanie for my husband's cousin who is having a baby boy in a few months. I have not finished all of the baby knits just yet, but it's a start.

I sometimes forget how tiny little babies are. I do have two daughters of my own, but they are now 15 and 10 and a 1/2. It's been ages since I have been around any newborns. I keep second guessing myself on the size of the hat and socks. "Will they fit?" Also, I almost wished that I had learned to knit while my girls were young. Baby knits are fun and quick to make. And then I thought...When my girls were young...who had time to even knit? HEH!

Ok, I am back, by the way. My internet is now working and all is well. Have a great evening, everyone.

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DAWN said...

Too cute! and I love the yellow. Great job.