Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogger Beta & Member Listing

This blog is exclusively for people that are using the beta version of blogger. You either have to sign up for a new google/blogger account or have made the switch within your old version of blogger already. I have no idea when the new version of blogger will officially be released to the public. Until this happens, I can't add members unless you are using the beta blogger. Bummer, I know. It's nothing personal, believe me.

My old blogger account that I have had since December of 2000 (which is a great length of time) is still unable to make a switch to the blogger beta version. I ended up signing up for a new google/blogger account. It was unfortunate and sad for me to begin anew. According to blogger there will be a way to merge the old blogger account with the new beta version. I have yet to see this fact with my old blogger account.

It's also unfortunate that I am having to move blog-house with this group blog. It is time to do so, though. I think we have outgrown our old blogger home. For one, I changed the name to "Punk Knitters" rather than "Punk Rock Knit Girls." This makes the group more gender friendly, in case any knitting dudes would like to join the group too. Hey, you never know...?

What else? Oh, the member list is currently set to list members in the order of their joining. There is no preferential listing. Maybe at a later time, I will set the list to alphabetically list members. For now, it's listed as member join. I just wanted to throw this in clarify.

Alright, I think that is all of the blog news I have to relay at the moment. Have a great weekend...

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