Saturday, November 18, 2006

Popsicle Blue Sweater Progress

I am currently knitting on a sweater. Well, two sweaters really. But the pictured sweater is occupying me this weekend. It's a Top Down Raglan Sweater. Has anyone else tried one of these?

Pattern include:
Glampyre's Top Town Cardigan
Bad Penny
Mesilla Tee
Cosmic Pluto's Top Down Cardi
Top Down Sweater Generator
Incredible Custom Fit Raglan

I am not using a pattern for the pictured sweater. Once you understand the basics on knitting in the Top Down technique. You can make and adjust as you go. It's easy-peasy. I am using US # 8 circular needles, both 16" and larger. I also decided to use the YO increase technique. There are several different increases you can use. (Kf&b, M1, etc) I am leaving the edges to roll slightly on the sleeves, body and neckline. Oh yes, this is my third Top Down Raglan and I love the technique. It's my favorite way to make a sweater, due to minimal finishing, sewing.

The yarn I am using is Lionbrand Cotton Ease. It's soft and lovely. Too bad it's discontinued. Although, I have heard they are bringing it back in new colors. The color I am using is

700-148 Popsicle Blue

Well, I am now off to work on a few smaller projects that I have on the needles. I have reached my weekend goal of making it to the body portion of the Top Down Raglan. YAY me!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend...

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