Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mean Green Beanie

I have completed another knitting project. It was only a quickie hat. This hat will go to a friend of mine. It's your basic knit beanie. I used US # 8 needles and Lionbrand Wool Ease in the color Forest Heather. The hat is loosely based on the London Beanie. I knitted mine flat, though and seemed up the back. My 16-inch circulars are currently occupied.

I have made many of these beanies...Last year, I think I made 8 of these hats, total. The London Luv Beanie, Hubby Beanie, Daughter's Halloween Hat (I added the ears), Another London Beanie, to name but a few.

I am actually considering making myself another beanie with the NIN logo on the front, in intarsia. We'll see...Of course I will share a photo if I do make the hat and most probably the chart for it too.

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sunneshine said...

I love the green beanie!! I am really into hats right now - it is making my dpn skills great! I am looking forward to the NIN beanie - wear it proudly!