Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peace in Knitting!

One can't live in Oregon without having a peace sign somewhere. Mine is on my knitting notions bag. Yeah, us Oregonians are a bunch of hippies.

This entry is mainly pointless. I was taking progress photos of my knitting. My digital camera is on it's last legs. I am hoping it lasts until Xmas. Maybe Santa will buy me a new one. Hey, I can hope, right?

Also, us Oregonians are in the midst of a nasty storm. More rains, to an already flooded area, and high winds. So, I am unsure of the next time I will be posting. I wanted to warn every one in case the power goes out for me. If any new members have emailed their "Want to joins" in...I will get to them all as soon as I can. Be patient. This may all blow over and all will be well. Cross your fingers. I wish everyone a great night...

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