Thursday, May 31, 2007

In a Creative Funk

I will hopefully have a little something to show for all of the stuff I have been knitting and spinning. The sweater from hell is getting alot closer to being done. I will hopefully have a pix to show soon.

Along with the sweater, I have been working slowly on a pair of toe up sox with a zig zag pattern along with some spinning. I may try my hand at spinning some worsted weight yarn. All of the spinning gurus are right, it is hard to go thick after you have gone thing. LOL There is some pretty red and black that is just screaming to be worsted.

I am off to groove to The Killers and actually accomplish some work today. LOL


Lana said...

Same here. I have been busy and crafty stuff is secondary. It's the busy season, for me. Xmas and Summer...OIY!

DAWN said...

Sometimes its good to take a break. When you get the knit buzz back you will be unstoppable. Take this time to focus on other hobbies you may have been neglecting (or those pesky humans that always want attention when you are trying to read a chart).

Kaity said...

I agree about the spinning. Once you've spun thin, it's a lot more difficult to spin thick.