Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Need A New Admin Person

Okay, if anyone doesn't know this...I created and run this here blog. I am stepping down as the Admin/Owner of this blog. I want to know if anyone is interested in taking over this blog. It's easy enough to do. You email me...and I set you to an admin and you take over. You would have to change the sidebar "to join" email and what not. So, anyone interested? Email me at knit.princess AT gmail.com and I can set it all up.

I can't give the time and effort to do this blog justice anymore. My internet access isn't fabulous right now and I find that mundane life has sort of taken over. I have a part time job designing a webpage for a company. I am not even knitting as much as I did before. I do still plan to be a member, of course. I just can't run things here.

Anyone, anyone?


sunneshine said...

Thank you so much for all that you have done for this blog!! I wish I had the time or computer knowledge to help. I (and lots of others, I'm sure) really appreciate all the time, energy and creativity that have gone into putting together and keeping up this blog!! Best of luck with your new endeavors!!

DAWN said...

You totally rock, Lana and we'll miss you as adm. You really set this blog apart from many others out there.

Mouse said...

Sheesh.. I go and watch an episode or two of CSI Miami and I miss everything! I'm kidding.. I barely have enough time to turn around and figure out who I am.. but I can't wait to see who steps up!

Lana said...

I am still going to stick around PRK's. I am a member now. I just don't have the tme to dedicate to this site, as I used to. No worries...Lana is staying.

And thanks girls! HUGS!

Knitted_Painting said...

yeah thanks Lana for making this blog/group what it is and making it great! I hope you had fun doing it=)

pins&needles said...

Thank you Lana! I would be a lonely punk knitter if it wasn't for this blog to revive my spirits of knitting. I've met so many great people through this group, its not even funny. I now know that I belong somewhere and it's here. Hope your job treats you well.

LesleyD said...

Thank you Lana!!! You Rock! I hope all goes well with your new job. Don't let it take over your knitting time too much!! ;-)

Carissa said...


Thanks so much for starting punk rock knitters and providing a great community for the other PRK's to get to know each other.



Lana said...

You are welcome. Remember, I met all of the coolest girls too. I had a lot of fun doing this group. AND I will still be around and blabbing on here, just not on an admin capacity. I am good with that.