Saturday, May 05, 2007

last fm

I followed the link over to fellow uk punk knitter knitted_paintings blog and saw she too was on lastfm, so i've friended her, and I wondered whether more of you are on there too?

For those not on it yet.. last fm is a sort of social music site. You download a piece of free software which hooks up to the site when you play music, keeping a record of all the tracks you've been listening to. This information is kept on your personal page and generates your own charts of most listened to etc.

You can click on the artists and tracks to go to their own pages, with information about them, lists of recommendations for similar artists, and other useful tags to help you find similar stuff you might like. You can leave messages on artists and other user pages. You can add friends, join groups, and also there is a cool feature called "neighbours". When you look at another users page a musical compatibility rating is generated, showing you what bands etc you have in common. On your main page you'll see a sidebar that contains your friends, your shoutbox, and your neighbours. Neighbours are people you havent friended yet but who have very similar music taste to you.

Ive found lastfm really useful so far in finding new music I probably wouldnt have heard otherwise. I don't know how good my explanation is so check it out yourself:

last fm
my profile - felicitykendall


Lana said...

I used to have a account and displayed current listen on my blog. But since my compute does not have internet currently...I can't use it. I am using my husband's laptop at the moment. One of these days I will be getting internet on my computer again...LOL!

Knitted_Painting said...

hey good idea to ask ppl on here=D I couldn't find your blog anywhere so I thought I'd leave a comment here instead. thanks for adding me on