Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well, I guess I'm in charge!

Hey Punk Rock Knitters, I'm your new Administrator! Our dear Lana has stepped down, and I think we should give her a big round of applause for Creating this group, and doing a wonderful job! Yeah Lana! Now, a little about myself:
Well, I've been a member since the beginning, I haven't posted in a while though. My name is Kaity, I'm 19, I live in Southern California, and I've been knitting for... 4 years? Yes, 4 years. I've been on the TV Show, Knitty Gritty. I also have a little Online shop, Kaity's Handmade. I'm punk (duh), my favorite band is The Clash. Besides Knitting, I also play guitar, and I used to play Bass, but I decided to focus more on Guitar and gave up Bass.

Anything Else you wanna know about me, let me know.

Here's how you can Contact Me:

My Email: doozer2004 AT sbcglobal.net
My Blog: If You Want To Destroy My Sweater
My Myspace

Now, I won't be changing much around here. It will be the same ol' Punk Rock Knitter's Blog. I changed the Colors and a little bit of the sidebar, but that's it.

And, in Honor of my Becoming the new Admin, I'm having a PRK Contest! I have this skein of Sock Yarn (Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel):

Quite Punk, right? I mean, you can't get more punk than Red and Black. All you have to do to enter to win is Leave a comment, say Hi, introduce yourself, let me know how long you've been knitting, whatever. Everyone that Comments will have their name put into a random drawing and I'll pull a winner on Friday Morning (Only members of Punk Rock Knitters can Enter.) Simple?

Well Guys, I hope to have a great time as your new Administrator. Rock on (and Knit on)!


DAWN said...

Yay! Kaity!! I'm so glad that you are at the wheel--you are such a talented "4 year old knitter" and one of the punkiest chicks around.

Mouse said...

Hey Kaity! Congrats on being the new admin.. you already know me so I'll spare everyone the getting to know you chit chat.. I'm glad to see that your shop is rockin' and rollin' so to speak.

sunneshine said...

Hey Kaity - Thanks so much for taking over the helm of this blog!! Its kind of a thankless job, but really we all love and appreciate you!! And its nice to see a face that has been here for a long time!!

Lana said...

I am SO glad you took over the blog. You will do great. It's nice to just be a member now. Oh yes, loe the new colors too, by the way. HUGS!

Oh, that sock yarn is pretty. Very pretty, indeedy.

Knitted_Painting said...

Hey Kaity congratulations on being the new admin=D and an applaus to Lana for doing such a great job before you!
I've only been knitting for about a year now same with crocheting=) And I also play guitar, been doing that since I was 12..wow 10 years (I just realised lol)! I also play a little bass but like you I wanted to focus on my guitarplaying more=)
Anyway hope you'll have fun being the new admin!=D

Klara said...

Congratulation from Sweden too! I haven´t had the time to blog that much...yet... I am a crocheter who knits socks!? Love to crochet, like to knit but when it comes to socks...haha...yes I am a sockamaniac... Music? YES PLEASE!!! The 80´s... alternative-Ultravox, ska-Madness, punk-Clash, industry-Front242 etc etc.

Sexy Knitter said...

Awesome! Congrats on helming this great website. I love it! PS: I want that sock yarn. LOL.

pins&needles said...

Hi Kaity and everyone who is new and doesn't know me. I've been a member of this blog group for a little less than a year and I actively comment. I've been knitting since I was 14 (my mum taught me), but never was serious about it until about 2 or 3 years ago. Discovering Knitty and this group revived me in knitting and made me realize that you don't always have to make crappy Bill Cosby sweaters and acrylic scarves. I love knitting now more than ever.

LesleyD said...

I hate to see ya step down Lana! Thank you for starting the Punk Rock Knitters!!!Yay Kaity way to volunteer!! I read your blog!!! I love your patts too!!

I'm Lesley and have been knitting for what will be 2 years in October. I'm a mom, I just started knitting socks and I design a few simple knits (nothing formally patterned out yet. lol) I love knitting because it is the only thing that keeps me sane. Congrats on the New Admin Role!!!

nana said...

Hey Kaity, I've been lurking around, not much posting lately. Thanks taking this the admin job. I know we'll do great with you at the helm.

Kelly said...

Hey Kaity! congrats on the new "job"! this is a great site, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Carissa said...

Oooh a contest. I'll say you've definitely started this admin thing on the right foot. ;-)

I've been a member for about a year now I think. I think I'd been knitting for 1 month or so when I joined. I learned from a book.

I've gotten rather into sock knitting lately. I also really like cupcakes. You can read more about my knitting and cupcaking adventures on my blog.



metal and knit said...

Hi Kaity

thanks for taking the helm and captaining this flight. I have been knitting and crocheting for far too long and now I just seem to knit listen to the ipod go to knitting groups and drink far too much tea or scotch in the land down under.

Gothknits said...

Congrats on the new admin job, Kaity!
I first learned to knit when I was about 8 and did it on and off for a while. Around 2000 I became hardcore and haven't put down my needles since. I'm also and artist and a professional theatrical painter (aka scenic artist)

I guess that's it.

ShannonAnn said...

Welcome Kaity, our new fearless leader! I'm ShannonAnn, knitting for about 6 years, hardly ever finishing anything.
Lana, I hope you'll still be scouring the nets for those free patterns. I'm dependant on your compilations!

Lana said...

Hahaha...Sure, I can still post free patterns I find, if Kaity doesn't mind.

Kaity said...

You go right ahead and post them. Heck, slap them over in the sidebar if you want, too.

I'm so excited to be "at the helm" and to see who wins the sock yarn!

Jenger said...

Hi, I go by Jenger in cyber land. I have been crocheting since I was born and taught myself to knit when it was between 13-15. I took a long break between the ages of 18-28. I have knit or done something fibery everyday since 2003. Right now I have been working on a lot of spinning and knitting while eating lunch at work or in the car while Bear (DH) drives.

Karen said...

Hi. I'm Karen, and I sit quietly in the back and try not to be noticed.

Well, okay, not really, but I haven't posted much here, and I'll try to remedy that this summer when the baby girl goes to school. I've been doing something with yarn and/or thread since I was 6 (embroidery, crochet, handspinning and knitting, in that order).

Stephieface said...

I post off and on here, depending if I make anything punk worthy or not (I've been trapped in baby knitting for other peopleville for the last few months).
I'm sad to see Lana step down, but its awesome that Kaity stepped up! Yay!
Is there anyway to grease the outcome by mentioning I'm knocked up? Can I use that to my advantage? Can I? Huh? huh?


I randomly post, when I feel like it. :D I joined up here not long after I started knitting (which is about a year ago).

I'm an avid sock knitter, which you would know if you visited my blog. Do, please, I love comments. Plus, my babies are cute.

Kaity said...

Sorry, Stephieface, no can do. Although I am very excited for you!

And Kitty, I will definatly visit your blog, I think I've seen it a few times before.

Thanks for all your comments, guys!! Drawing is tomorrow morning! I'm off to go listen to my iPod somewhere and knit.

Turtle said...

hi all, just found this site through Kaitys link. so am signing up to join, hope that's ok. Friends call me turtle, in my 30's, lol an original punk girl of the 80's. I sing in an 80's alternative band, spin, knit, love to be outdoors and own my own business as a nail/eyelash artist. I'm a very down to earth person who mentally will always still be in college! *smile*

MsFortuknit said...

Punk rock Kaity! Congrats to you honey!! So now you have to tell me where the frewl you got that bloody yarn! MY COLORS!!!!

Samantha said...

Hi I'm Sam. I play bass in a punk rock and roll band and yes I knit. I also sound engineer and photo bands in my spare time.
Hi Kaity, hopefully you will forgive me posting stuff my mum does more than my own stuff :-)
I have been knitting since I was 5 and I am right handed but I knit left handed (mum is left handed) and some patterns are a bugger I can tell you!
And I can only crochet square things - I cant do circular crocheting!