Friday, December 15, 2006

Knitting in miniature

Not sure whether any of you gals have tried it, but I love to knit in small scale. One of my favs. is to knit these small bead-knitted necklaces. The pic. above is the 1st one that I made & keep as a sample. It was knit with black perle cotton strung with silver-lined crystal seed beads. There are approx. 1100 seed beads in the purse part alone not including the necklace's chain. It was knit using size 0000 knitting needles that are narrower in diameter than a toothpick, & about 6" long. You can find instructions to a similar pattern here.

This second picture is of the turquoise necklace that I finished knitting this week for my mother's B-Day. Have a great night & feel free to ask any questions that you might have.
Peace out, Boop

PS- would Lana please change my sidebar link to my blog to this new address? I don't think I can wait much longer for the Blogger beta to change it over on it's own, lol. Thx. a bunch!


sunneshine said...

wow, that is so amazing! Those are beautiful - kind of a lost art thing - my great-grandmother had two of those (that I now have) - those are really amazing!

Lana said...

those beaded bags are beautiful. I have not tried knitting with beads.

Boop said...

Thx., for the comments everyone & for changing my link Lana. You must try bead knitting; it so rocks :o).