Saturday, December 16, 2006

While shepherds felt their purse by day

The day began with carols at the local Bunnings Hardware and here most of the band (minus me behind the camera of course) playing While Shepherds Watched. I then attacked the felting of my coin purse from the Bully Woolies knit kit in a box I was gifted. I attacked armed with tongs and hot water in my yarn basin.

While it dries I put to gether the arch for the christmas lights.

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Stephieface said...

The tongs make me shiver, and not in a good way ;)

I love the wee felted purse. The houndstoothing is awesome.

sunneshine said...

The coin purse looks great!! I love the colors!

Lana said...

the coin purse is cute. love it.

Boop said...

Great job. I so have to try felting in the new year.