Thursday, December 14, 2006

stocking stuffer

I just finished this hat for my husband for a stocking stuffer. He has been asking for it for about 6 months and I have had to make every excuse I could think of, not to give it to him earlier. I took the photo with the seam right in the middle, because I am so excited my jogless jog didn't jog for the first time ever! And the seam is also amazingly even - thanks knitting elfs. The hat is now rolled up in his stocking helping santa out. If you want to read more about my crafty husband, its on my blog.


Sassy Sundry said...

Sweet. Nice seam.

Lana said...

swet hat. I love the purple.

nana said...

your jogless jog looks great.

KatnZoey said...

u know, i jsut made my dad a black hat with some blue stripes, and i was dissapointed cuz it didnt look riht, and i thought about askin everyone if there was a way to do the color changes better, so the rows dont over lap, kinda, and i thought it would sound dumb, but lemme tell u, i read this and was so excited to hear about jogless jos, i had NO IDEA that it was done! lol im sad, but i was so excited to hear about this, i want to make more hats now, cuz the one i made for my dad made me feel bad, cuz i really wanted it to look good, but this whole jogless jog thing is gonna change it all yay!!!!! thanx for posting this, at first i thogut u were really talkin about joggin too haha, o man, but thanx!!

punk rock knits rock!

jules said...

Hey, tell me more about jogless jog!

KatnZoey said... this is the one im gonna try, i dont know how many ways there are out there, hope it helps :) i cant wait to try it :)