Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Knitting on the News

Wow. I've been MIA from this blog for a while. We did a massive cross-country move from Massachusetts to the Portland, Oregon area which took a month and a half so we've only been experiencing the internet through my phone until recently.

I did want to share some fun knitterly news, though. Last week, IKEA opened a store in Portland and Hubby and I camped out for 2 days beforehand to score some free furniture and such. We brought a massive air mattress with us and the news found that rather amusing (I'm not sure why) so Joe and I were on the news quite a bit and in one two different segments, I was caught knitting on camera.

If you check out my blog, you can find links to see a fellow punk knitter knitting on the news.

Happy summer knitting, all!



Gothknits said...

Too funny. when will we see what you were knitting???

Kaity said...

That's too funny!

Heh heh, meatballs rule!

Turtle said...

lol, oops..left you a comment on your blog!

taylor said...

I love IKEA. I can spend hours looking at the catalog, dreaming. I might spend hours roaming the store, however the nearest one is two hundred miles away.

Lana said...

I live in Portland, OR and I am still avoiding the crush of IKEA for a few weeks before I brave that store. I am an IKEA junkie and I admit it. I am SO HAPPY they finally opened one up here. I would have had to lug my butt up to Seattle for an IKEA run eventually, otherwise.