Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NIN Hat # 2

Yes, I made another NIN hat with my pattern. I wanted to re-knit it so that I could double check the pattern. I am going to type up the pattern later this afternoon. Anyone love NIN as much as I do? Look for the pattern on my blog, soon.

Toodles & Happy Knitting!


Turtle said...

I will have to make one of these for hubby! Love it!

Lana said...

I love NIN...my hubby does not. LOL! He tells me it's depressing and moody music. My hubby loves Frank Sinatra and 90's alternative. LOL!

pins&needles said...

I love your NIN hats, even if it's the millionth time for you. I made a wristwarmer with your NIN chart and my friends loved it. Great job!