Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No More Beta

Oh, I am back in town. See, wasn't gone too long. I get back home and I see Blogger is no longer in beta and is released as the new version of blogger. YAY!

So, anyone who wants to join the Punk Rock Knitters now that the beta is over...feel free. I suppose i should mosey on over to Punk Rock Knit Girls and notify everyone who wants to switch over to here.

Unfortunately I am still unable to switch my old blogger account over, still. Who knows why? Nor do I care...Ok, enough rambles...Take care and stay warm, everyone.


Zeeppo said...

It looks as if this thing is letting me post comment in beta blogger now. It will still not let me switch my blog yet. I have complained but it will not let me post an entry on the new blog. I suppose they will fix it in time

pinsandneedles said...

From what I gathered, people can't convert their blogs to beta yet. Strange. Well, you can always dump your blog and start a fresh new one or just wait until they ask for you to switch. That's what happened to me. Crazy, crazy blogger.

At least you can still comment and read this blog.

Lana said...

I still can't convert my old blog account either. I also emailed them a complaint.

I did dump my old account months ago in favor of a new one. I have beta with my new account, of course.

Knitted_Painting said...

I actually got an invite to switch my account to the new blogger but it won't let me...supposedly because my blog is too changed and has too many posts on it..what?!? lol ohwell I guess I'll either have to change my template that I worked so hard on or just get another account at the new blogger =S anywho I'm hoping to be joining this new blog soon =)

Lana said...

Cool, join when you are ready. Look forward to it. LOL!