Thursday, December 21, 2006

Alphabetical Cool Kids

I am posting a quickie note that I have changed up the members list in the side bar. I re-listed them in alphabetical order, rather than "date of join." I also changed the template a wee bit too. I hope no one minds...Carry on as usual. Don't mind me.

MERRY YULE, everyone!


Zeeppo said...

I can't take changes. First Blogger now this blogger I simply cannot go on.

Sorry I am just sad that I do not do better in alphabetic listings. Well the first will be last. I'm talkin to you Boop.

Well have a Merry Christmas Everyone. Blogger is still not letting me post in Beta.

Lana said...

Shall I sent you another invite. This straightened out a posting issue with blogger beta for another member, not long ago? Let me know if you wish a re-invite.

Boop said...

LOL. I don't do well with changes either. It really messed me up having the names & stuff change to the other side 'but that's cause I gots OCD. They say that working thru it is theraputic; just don't push it Lana, lol.
I was about to say that I did like being 1st on the list, but I just noticed that's come to an end too; sigh.
Just pulling your chain Lana. You're doing a great job & whatever you do will be fine with us 'cause "you're the boss".
Merry Christmas.

Zeeppo said...

I don 't think it is this blog. My beta blogger dashboard has disappeared along with my other beta blog links. I am pretty sure it is blogger with the problem. I put a message on their help thing but that is no help.

Lana said...

Yeah...I'm the boss!" Grrrrr...LOL! I am kidding. And watch out, the list changes often and at random. People come in left and right...whew!