Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Baby gifts to fly out tomorrow

Baby gifts going off to Indiana tomorrow. My penpal of 5 yrs. just had her 1st grandchild (little boy in case ya couldn't tell, lol). Hat was done on the "Knifty Knitter" loom, the (crocheted) bunny wash cloth was a freebee from Lionbrand and the booties were from my friend's book (to which I can't remember at the moment, but will find out if anyone needs to know.)

I'm busy working on more prezzies until my hubby gets home off late shift at 1:30am. Happy knitting.

Peace out, Boop


KatnZoey said...

those are so cute, and thanx for tellin us that the washcloth was from lion brand, i personaly went there to get the pattern , cuz, omg, that is so freakin cute!!!! i so want to make one for my daugter, how fun :) happy holidays :)

pinsandneedles said...

I love the bunny washcloth! Its so cute! I don't have kids, but I'm a sucker for making knits for babies.

Lana said...

very cute and very blue. LOL!

KnitXcorE said...

lionbrand's patterns are getting pretty awesome!