Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello from the newbie

Hey everyone, I'm Angela from Oregon. Admin Carissa steered me to this excellent group (Heidi-ho Carissa!) I'm a psychologist by day and skull obsessed by night.

My latest FO is a felted bag from She-Knits called the Melly Bag.

Melly Bag

The pattern was originally done in browns and beiges, but both brown and beige go against everything I believe in. Much better in the black and red I think.

As far as the KAL nominations, I think I'm all for the Biker Boy sweater. Then again, I was with Carissa at the Debbie Stoller book signing, so seeing it in person has made me way too excited to do it (which may not be a good thing since I've never knit a sweater before). Someone talk me out of it ;)


Carissa said...

Hey, lady!

Good to see you over here. I like your bag. Make sure you bring it to knit night next week!

Rikki Knits said...

Hello Angela,
I am also new, I just joined! Anyways I wanted to ask you about your bag. I have never felted before, so maybe this will seem like a silly question, but:
I see that there is this awesome textured pattern on the bag. Is that just knit and purl stitches? If you knit a pattern using knit and purl stitches and then you felt it, can you tell the difference between the two types of stitches enough to see the pattern? Or is that some kind of cable that makes it stand out like that? I can't really tell, but I don't think so. I really like your purse by the way!

shrinkyknitter said...

Hi Rikki,
Thanks for the compliment! The pattern on the front is a diamond/figure 8 cable pattern. The bag was super simple to make. I actually felted it a bit more after I took this pic to shrink the bag up a little, but the cable pattern still shows well. I made this bag from a pattern that can be found at Sharon (the designer) is a really cool person. She sells patterns as well as purse kits.