Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Ready for a Punk Rock Along!

So the votes are in and Anne Kuo Lukito's Buccaner's Booty Socks came in first place with the Skull Socks of Fury coming in only 1 vote behind in second place. Since the votes were so close, I'm going to declare this a double KAL....knit both or chose the one you like the most.

For those of us on Ravlery you can find BBS here and the SSoF here

KAL starts on February 1st and will run through the month of February. We'll start taking nominations for KAL #2 in March. So sharpen your needles and find some yarn and get ready for some sock knitting fun!

PS - As always, participation in the KAL is optional. KAL isn't taking over the's just a fun side thing we're doing. :-)

1 comment:

DAWN said...

Yay, I have my yarn already for the Buccaneer Booty's! (I went ahead and ordered it cause I was gonna make them regardless). I am so excited!