Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crochet in Spanish???

I haven't done anything rockin lately...just a lot of baby clothes... I'm planning one baby sweater that I think I'll call Evil Baby. Anyway, now to my actual reason for the post. Does anyone know of any knitting or especially crochet blogs written in spanish? I run a crochet club at the school where I teach and one of the student's mothers loves to crochet and try new patterns, but is far more comfortable with spanish than english. I can't seem to find one...I think I'll try looking on ravelry tomorrow for perhaps a spanish group, but I was curious if you all knew of any.


Anonymous said...

hello. Are you in ravelry cause there's a group called Hispanohablantes Desmadejadas and there you can find a lot of things
here i have a link that could help also

I am known by many names...Zel is fine said...

Thanks...Yeah, I waS thinking I can get links to the blogs through ravelry but wasn't sure of a group...and thanks for the link:)

Anonymous said...

Hi again.
I just found this other link that has lot more info.