Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Piggy Tail/ Dr SEuss Hat

I so hate bugging you all, but a while back i had printed out a pattern for a hat, it had holes for piggy tails but they were more on the top/side of the head and looked like smallish tube holes, like something from dr seuss or the sea. I have misplaced it and so had the perfect friend in mind to print it for....do any of you know which hat i am thinking of? I searched old posts here and have been surfing looking for it but.....sigh, this one was perfect. All i have found just have plain holes on the lower side. Thanks if you can help! (i had swore it was knitty but no luck!)


Turtle said...

Never fails, as soon as i beg for help.....Nippertails at MagKnits! Thanks though!

Gothknits said...

There is one on knitty called piggle.


chloeheartsowls said...

that hat is adorable!