Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Question/Poll....nov 1st almost here so...

who has made their xmas knit list, who has started, how "evil" is it and what are you knitting?

For me: I have already knit a hat/scarf from the Knit1 mag for daughters best friend...she is like my second daughter.
hat for daughters boyfriend.
Afghan for mom.
socks for MIL. (or a lace type scarf)
That may just do it!


swansong said...

I knit for Yule, and my list is overwhelming. I do have some of them finished, a hat for my neice, a hat for my boyfriend [almost done], socks for a friend [3/4 of one done]... but other than that... oh man. i have dozens left to knit!!!
i'm trying to get at least two fo's a week to accomplish this, which is not easy for me... gar!!

Leeanne said...

Dont know about christmas knitting but my list for Nov/Dec is: complete 2 baby cardigans and my sewing projects are completing nan's xmas quilt and make a Leaf block. Lucky I dont have to work it like last year.

pins&needles said...

I'm working on a christmas crochet project and almost through with it. Currently doing one christmas knit. Unless if I know its a very quick knit or something mindlessly simple, I don't try to make a huge attempt to make any knits.

Jaime said...

I don't actually do xmas/yule knitting, unless I'm making something for my mother, another knitter or crocheter. I tried it once, and both hats I'd knit for my cousins were either lost or re-gifted. It was a lot of work for nothing. *sigh*