Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help..need a guys hat pattern..ideas?

Ok, my daughters 15 year old boyfriend. I am looking for a cool yet "easy/ cables" hat for him. I want to knit him a hat, he is a sweetie. Down to earth, I was thinking of using a blacker based Nori yarn but not sure what pattern to use. Any ideas from you Pro's??!! to sneak another peanut butter cup, extra time working out tomorrow!


swansong said...

hey, I don't have a link for you, but Hello Yarn's pirate hat is pretty awesome.
I don't know any teenage boys who don't love skulls. Or, Ravelry has some rasta-style hats that are pretty sweet.

[[i'm in the same boat. knitting hats for boys is suprisingly hard.]]

pins&needles said...

Check out Ravelry and you'll pull up a crap load of stuff. Also, google Knit Pattern Central and you'll pull up tons of free patterns or just go to for other stuff too.