Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Need some advice...sock knitters/shoppers!

Ok, I was approached by someone today about knitting 5 pair of average sized socks for them to give as gifts. It would be using a wool yarn i hand dyed (both fair isle designs and watercolor). having never charged someone for hand knit/dyed socks....what would you do? If i do this what the heck do i charge per pair? She herself is a painter/artist so she does understand craftsmanship...but...??? (lol, this is why i knit for family!) I like her but she is someone who comes into the salon, i do not know her outside of there. Thanks for the input! oh...did i mention she wants them in a month, and i head to vegas in a week and a half for a week? (this so is not going to work!)


metal and knit said...

Well i can only speakfrom selling in australia using commercial yarn and we sell socks $20 a pair here to cover costs and a touch more.

The worst bit is getting their sizes right. what is a normal foot anyhow.

pins&needles said...

That must be tough. I would never know how much to charge. If you factor in certain things like handspun/hand dyed yarn and originality plus cost for labor, then you would end up charging her almot $100 for a pair of socks or even more. I doubt she would go for that. I would see if she would settle with discount sock yarn or something. I know, I'm mean but if I don't know them personally they just get what I can give.

As far as timeline is concerned, she should give you more than 1 month. But from all this, you could make her a deal. Maybe she can paint your something nice plus a good discounted prices. Example, the cost of the yarn plus a painting in exchange for the all-handmade socks. I think that's what I'd do.

Carissa said...

1) I think you need more than a month to knit 5 pairs of socks

2) I agree that you should charge extra for custom colourways (and fair isle). By my calculations, that's about $100 per pair. Which is a lot to ask for a pair of socks

3) Maybe you can explain how many hours it will take you to knit a pair of socks (plus dying time, too) and ask her what she thinks your time is worth.

Turtle said...

Thanks for the input. I know, i was kind of caught off guard when she asked and told her i would have to think about it, she of course just assumed "no problem, it's decided". I had let her know i had many projects i was already working on as well as my own holiday knitting, work, etc. But even at 50.00 a pair your looking at about a dollar an hour not including the dye time, just knitting and materials. Nope, going to call her today and let her knot time/etc it will just not work. Thanks all!

Lol, I know we have all invested time and money into socks for ourselves or for a gift, but can you imagine paying that kind of money to buy socks?