Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hi All - I have been Busy

I am looking to open an on line knitting shop. So I want to focus on some little known and

exclusive yarns that are not in you local yarn shop.

The first exciting yarn that I came across is Russell Crowe Brand Super Bulky Yarn.

This Yarn comes with Russell Crowe's personal promise that he will beat up anyone responsible for selling you a bad yarn. If any skein of his yarn has more than one end he will personally beat up the Factory Manager for you.

This promise also extends to other brands of yarn. He is right now hunting down the makers of Rowan Yarn because there have been more and more ends turning up in the skeins.

I hope you find this fine Merino as nice to knit with as I have.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


I am known by many names...Zel is fine said...

Ha HA!! Hee Hee :)

Twitchy Knitter said...

I'd like to put Lion Brand Microspun on report. Can Russell come to my house so I can show him just how bad it was? Please?

Jaime said...

LOL! Hey, does he beat up people who raise the price of yarn for no reason whatsoever? Cause if he does, I'd like to point him toward my local LYS (a.k.a. walmart - I live in Podunk) once Twitchy Knitter is done with him. :D