Thursday, July 26, 2007

How do you store your circular knitting needles?

I had them all in a box and they were a total mess. It took me forever to find the one I needed for a particular project.

When I saw a storage for them online, made of an old pair of jeans, I just had to make one for me.

Of course I added a few changes to grunge it up a bit, I did not seam the cut edges but frayed them. And instead of sewing across the legs of the jeans, I added eyelets to hold them together.

In the upper part, I created a big pocket by sewing one time across the width of the jeans, there I can storage my dpns. The pocket will be used for small supplies as cable needles, stitch markers and so on.

Every needle size has its own compartment, except for the really big ones starting at 12mm. I think I can easily recognize them, so I don't need any more compartments.

Of course the needles on the photo are not all that I have, I just added a few yet to test my creation.

If you want to see more detailed photos, visit my blog.


Lana said...

fabulous idea. I love it!

Turtle said...

very cool idea!

I just have one of those small-ish looking wallet type storage books.

Jaime said...

That's such a great idea! :D Me, I've only got a couple circular needles, so I usually keep them with the rest of my needles: crammed into a marble-filled quart jar. The marbles keep the needles from moving around and causing the jar to tip over. It's the only thing that's ever worked for me.

I am known by many names...Zel is fine said...

This is freakin' brilliant!