Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cutie Patootie

I have just finished this baby set for a friend, pattern is Cutie Patootie found at I made a few changes for the hat - just one i-cord and white blanket stitch around the seam. The finished items looked so small to me, I thought they would never fit.... But after I saw how big they are for the doll of my son, and after I saw the tiny baby - almost smaller than the doll, I recognized that I totally forgot how small newborn babies really are.

Now I have been asked to knit some socks and a baptism bonnett too, but I don't find a great pattern for the bonnett... So if you know about something, please link me to it.

And of course I already started something new, I want to make a shawl for me, inspired by a pattern found at the anticraft... Photo will follow soon.


Stephieface said...

I went to KNitting Pattern Central and did a pattern search for bonnet, these were the three that I personally liked (the first being my favorite)

Selana said...

thanks... the first one is really cute, but not for a baptism, but I have bookmarked the pattern for some other occasion