Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Marley Begins

We have begun making the icord for The Marley Scarf. We expect it to take three to four months to knit 200 skeins into icord {We are so using a bunch of machines}.
The Clown Brigade and I are looking to plan an even where we can knit the icord over a large balcony or something like that. Maybe the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland or something like that. I will keep you posted about that if you are near by.
When we get all of the icord knit we are then going to take a 24 hours period and knit The Marley at one time. This have never been done before and it should be interesting. I am even considering doing a Jerry Lewis and see if I can stay up for the entire The Marley is being made and knit on him most of the time.
By the way after The Judy and now The Marley I can say with out hesitation that too much acrylic yarn does have a detrimental effect on brain function. Reggae may not be punk rock, still I don't care who you are. A hundred feet of scarf in one day is cool.
I also wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments about the Yarn Harlot thing. Like everything on the Internet you don't get the whole story. I was just the strangest person in the room when a famous person with a camera walked in. I would not even attempt such a thing if it were not for my clowns, the gracious support of the local knitting community and the Internet knitting community. I am not shifting the blame to you. I take full responsibility for the crimes against knitting and nature that I am committing with this project.
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Lana said...

LOL! That much i-cording would make me hate it for all time. I try to i-cord as little as possible. YAY for Marley too. Reggae music is cool too.

I think the knit community is great for support. And meeting Yarn Harlot would seem like the best thing ever. LOL!

Strumpstickan said...

I love Marley but to knit for 24 hours in a row... jeeeezus! *lol*

Mouse said...

Congrats (again.. sheesh.. I'm sure you've heard this a lot) on the Yarn Harlot thing.. I thought it was really cool to see that she had taken a photo and talked about your project.