Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Long-time Comment-er...

First Time poster.

I'm Robbie From NJ, most of you know me as KnitXcorE. I've been knitting for almost 4 years and love to make off the wall things in interesting colors. I'm excited to be part of this group!

From my blog:

Picture 240

I finally bought D-rings for my Felted Military belt, from Michael's book, Knitting With Balls. I used a small ball of leftover Noro in color #51. I had to shorten it considerably. The pattern said to knit 64" and it would felt to 46", my waist is around half of that so I knit about 46" and it felted to a 34. I just secured the end with a Ben & Jerry's pin that has an ice cream cone on it. Pretty sweet, eh?
Picture 239
(It's incredibly difficult to take a good picture of your own waist.)


Lana said...

Hot belt you knitted, there. I have never knitted a belt myself. I have some belt doo-dads around here somewhere. I should try it. HUGS! Oh yes, and am so glad you joined and posted.


I love felted belts, it's great for leftovers. Yeah, I've contorted myself into some off the wall poses to get pictures of my socks. lol Welcome!

roxtarchic said...

NICE belt (and WELCOME first time poster) i love the idea of a knitted (and felted) belt... never would have knitted one and i LOVE wearing belts.. i'll definitely be adding that to my things2knitlist
(and how funny is that title of that book)!

pinsandneedles said...

Oh, I love it! I've never considered knitting/felting belts, I outta try it.

Gothknits said...

I love it. project on the horizon? Its a good way to test felt a new yarn...a useful swatch.

And if you think trying to get a good pic of your own waist is tough. Try to get one of your arse. Next to impossible.

Boop said...

Really nice belt. I just saw that book in Chapters a couple of weeks ago & thought it had some great patterns. Welcome to the group.

sunneshine said...

Wow, no longer are you a lurker - welcome to the group for reals!! I love the belt and the colors are so rugged and manly (I had typed pretty...) It really looks great on!