Sunday, February 11, 2007

Its a bug, It a bug

Well this morning was interesting......

About two weeks ago i had a house guest in the form of a GRASSHOPPER and it seemed no matter how many times i would return the unwanted guest back outside the next morning he would be inside again freaking my kids out, who would in return demand (not ask) that i KILL it.
Well i haven't seem it for about the last week so i thought it got the hint that it wasn't wanted until my youngest pulled her dora house out of the wardobe and started screaming something that resembled BUGGGGGGG. Well the grasshopper haven't left the house he had just found another house to live in.

I have been knitting heaps. Its like i go through fads with knitting. Just finished the Irish hiking scarf and a red double moss knit scraf as well.

I am looking for Dora the Explorer mofits if anyone has seem any. My daughter is Dora mad. Its cute its her first real interest not sure what will be next Barbie or Brats.

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Lana said...

that is too funny about the grasshopper. He must like living in your home. LOL!

I have seen some Dora (doll) outfit patterns lately, but they are crochet. Do you crochet? I can point you to a few outfits if so.