Saturday, December 09, 2006

punk tree

Finally, blogger beta loves me again!! Yipee!!
Had to share the photos of my punk tree(s) - there is one in
each store. I love the black and silver. Had to make the glittery black balls, which was more difficult then I anticipated -- but the result was worth it! The black balls with the skulls are from Urban Outfitters, they say merry x-mas for the mouth ;) And the tree looks great at night, when the store is closed and there is the spot light on them in the window! The skulls and hearts are a little difficult to make out - so only those who really look will see them!
Have a great weekend!


KatnZoey said...

wow, those are so cool, i want a punk tree now!!!!!! :)

rettrogrrl said...

I love that tree! I am gonna have to show my sister in law, cause she is gonna want one. I just redid my xmas decor with jesters, and I love it! Otherwise I would do it like this. Nice Job!

Sassy Sundry said...

Sweet spooky holiday cheer!

Lana said...

Ok, I am IN LOVE with your punk tree. It's awesome! I want one next year. Hmmm...? Must be creative. LOL!

nana said...

That has got to be the most kick ass tree I've seen. Great Job!