Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pink Striped Socks

I am having digital camera issues. My battery is dying a slow death. It cost me over $50 when I bought the battery, three years ago. So, my pictures may be sporadic, until further notice.

I did manage to snap a photo of the Pink Striped Socks. The socks are more like slipper socks, thick and comfy. I haven't thought of a more interesting name yet, and I have not typed out the pattern yet, either. I will get to it soon. They look small, but are stretchy. They fit my foot and I wear a size 9 shoe. Hmmm...?

Specs on the socks:
I used 2 skeins of Wool Ease. One in Dark Rose Heather and one in Blush Heather. The needles I used are US # 4 dpn's, for the socks. I self-striped the entire sock...a pain in the butt. The heel is knit in stockinette too, rather than the normal Slip 1, K1. I have to mix thing up every now and again.

Have a great Thursday! Hugs and Happy knitting!


Zudy's Notes said...

Hey, I know a guy looking for some socks...
go to

He'd get a kick out of these.

ShannonAnn said...

I think you should call them "The Comfy Chair Socks of Death." Like the Monty Python scetch.
Warning-Those of you Pagans who are sensitive about the Burning Times shouldn't read this. I mean no offense.