Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Need Help Finding A Pattern

Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a Celtic Cross. It can be a plain pattern, cabled, or chart/graph. I have been searching high and low and cannot seem to find one, and I REALLY need one badly. Any help would be appreciated.


Lana said...

I know of a simple celtic cable pattern. I hope this helps.

Lana said...

OIY, the link is being a pain. Copy and paste the link below to find the cable...


Stephieface said...

Here's a trick that may save you some time... maybe :)
Scout out cross stitch embroidery patterns. They have celtic ones out there by the thousands, so its super easy to find one. Use the cross stitch pattern as the chart for intarsia knitting. The image may squish slightly because a knit stitch is wider than it is tall vs a cross stitch x. Otherwise though it works just fine.
Good Luck... I'll start looking for patterns now.