Tuesday, December 26, 2006

grams to yards???

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It snowed AGAIN christmas eve, so it really was very white and very pretty here! I got some wonderful possum and merino yarn from New Zealand for christmas - you can read all about it and see it on my blog ! What I am wondering is, if there is any way to convert grams to meters or yards - it says 8 ply, but feels like a light sport weight and 100g is the only other measuring mark on the tags . . . it looks and feels like quite a bit of yardage . . . its just hard to pick a project without knowing an approximate yardage . . .


pinsandneedles said...

A lady at a LYS today told me how approximate yardage from meters. She said that you add 10% of the meter length and add it. Ex: 80 m = approximately 88 yards. At least this is what I got from her explaining it to me quickly while ringing me up at the counter. Hope that helps.

Stephieface said...

If you can find out the meters you can go to this website and enter the info for the conversion to yardage:

You could also try one of those WPI (wraps per inch) tools that can help you discover the weight of mystery yarn. You can even use a regular ruler... check it out here:

Hope these help a little!

sunneshine said...

Well, I have toiled and toiled and used Stephieface's links (thank you again!!) and found that there should be close to 300 yards (by my calculations 292 yds per skein) so now I have enough to make something really cool!! And once again its dumping snow -- so I will have some knitting time!