Friday, December 01, 2006

Finished Socks

I have finished the gift socks, finally. I completed them during last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Whew! I finished them with enough time to send them in the mail, to the recipient. I hope HE will like them. I, personally, love these socks. They are soft and love the colors.

I used a basic socks pattern. The one I used for most knit socks...with adjustments to size, etc. I used US # 4 dpn's throughout. My Punk Rock Gift Exchange pal sent me the socks yarn, which is 100% wool.

I will be making another pair of socks in a pink-ish colorway, probably after the holidays. I have too much to knit at the moment to begin those socks. EEEEK! I also have sewing to do, as well. I have to make my daughter a long skirt for her school's Winter Musical program. I am making it this weekend.

I hope everyone is well and have a great weekend! HUGS!

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Sassy Sundry said...

Sweet socks, and great taste in television programs!