Sunday, December 03, 2006

Andoa Sweater : Back

My goal for this weekend was to finish the back piece of Hubby's Andoa Pullover. It's done. I am already 10 rows into the bottom ribbing on the front piece.

I did make a mistake on this back piece. Can you find it? It's on the lower right side...half a row of that pattern stitch is incorrect. I almost ripped out the sweater, if it were not for Hubby talking me out of it. "It's the back piece, and only half a row. Who's gonna see it?" I guess if Hubby doesn't care about a half a row mistake, why should I? I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting. Ok, anything crafty.

Well, I am pleased to have the back piece done. Now I just have to knit through the entire front piece...another 27 inches of pattern repeats. I just need to stay motivated. I am dying to knit something new. You know, the whole start-itis? I am finding the whole knitting with black not so bad. I figured that I would have a hard time with the one color. I like the black. I may eventually knit myself a black sweater. Hmmmm...? Well, I have any time to do that now. Holiday knits are still ruling my knitting...



I know exactly what you mean! My LYS owner talked me out of tinking back 4 rows to make a decrease that I forgot. She said, "Just make it now, who will notice?" I mean, it's a baby's hat.

But I don't know how you can stand knitting in black, I hate it. Even though most of my clothes are black. I guess knitting has inspired me to add color to my wardrobe.

Besides, grey is the new black!

sunneshine said...

I am glad that you didn't frog back to the mistake - the best part of hand knits are the things that set them apart from the things you can buy at the store. And for such a small mistake, you can put a tag on it like you would find on a really expensive t-shirt, that says - "texture, holes, and slubs,( and mistakes) are part of the character of the item not a fault."

I love knitting with black! It just has a bad rap - I am posting my black hat tomorrow!

Have a great week!

pinsandneedles said...

Don't worry, Lana. When I point out mistakes to my friends, they usually say that they don't care because it gives it character and people would still pay high dollar for stuff like that. It usually makes me feel better when they say stuff like that. Even though they are non-knitters, they really like everything that I make.

I love all black things, but I do agree, knitting does make you want to add color to the wardrobe. Almost all my clothes are black, but my knittings are some other color.